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Samsung SSD 850 Pro 128GB and 1TB ReviewIn the past few weeks, we’ve seen a steady stream of new solid state drive releases, from the likes of Plextor, Crucial, and SanDisk. Today, however, Samsung is unveiling something new we think you'll really take interest in.

Up next for your reading pleasure, we have Samsung’s brand-new SSD 850 PRO series. The 128GB and 1TB Samsung SSD 850 PRO drives we’ll be showing you here are the company’s latest flagship solid state drives, targeted at client applications. Like the previously-released SSD 845 EVO series, the 850 PRO leverages Samsung’s MEX controller, but these drives are also packing bleeding-edge 32 layer, stacked, 3D V-NAND flash memory that purportedly offers better power, endurance, and performance than traditional MLC NAND...

Samsung's New SSD 850 Pro 128GB and 1TB Drives Reviewed

Super Dave

Thanks for the informative review on two great drives. Those SSD's are fast and they come with a bonus 10 year warranty! I'm very surprised there isn't a big speed difference between the 128GB and the larger 1TB drive. Usually the larger SSD drives are a lot speedier than the smaller versions. Hopefully Samsung won't do the cheaper component bait-and-switch like Kingston and PNY have done with their SSD's.


holy molly its so expensive, but i guess it would be worth it if i was an enthusiast with all the money in the world.

really good deals on amazon though its like 47% off right now the 512 version


Yeh, this technology is still too expensive. Will not buy 1TB until it's down to at least $250 (which can be forever), or until another cheaper better performing technology comes out. I have a 128GB SSD just for my OS, even that was too expensive...


These are still super expensive. But crazy to see 1 TB SSD didn't think they made them that big yet.


I have 2 of 840pros and they work great, the warranty is double so that's really impressive. I don't know if the that much more better, maybe a bit more stable when running benchmark tests...


Very nice drives. I love my 2 840 pro's. Very speedy drive's.


Ok, I am salivating... Cannot wait to get an SSD drive!


At the current rate, 1TB for $250 will happen sometime in 2016, maybe a bit earlier if competition heats up and 3d tech proves cheaper and more reliable to make. Just think of it, two years ago low end SSDs were about $0.80-1.00/GB, now they are down to $0.40 (when going for 240GB+ drives) and even high end drives are below a dollar.


Great review. These seem like a great choice if you are looking for an SSD.