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a few years ago I received some great help on these forums building my own rig.

My favorite online game recently did some 're-optimizing' that somehow left me unable to open multiple clients without extreme slowdowns and I am looking to fix that problem. It seemed about time for an update anyway, I would prefer to just spend a little $, but I also don't want to save in the short term to pay more in the long.

My current build is:


Processor: Intel i5 2.67 Ghz

Graphics Card: MSI twin frzr GTX 460

power  supply Corsair TX650w



I'm thinking of just adding more RAM, but possibly getting a new graphics card as well.

What would you recommend?


Depends on how much money you are willing to spend

You can get the gtx 560 ti for $100

The 750 ti for $140

Or if you prefer AMD

You can grab an r9 270 for $160

or for a lower budget you can get an HD 7770 for $130

As for ram: you can get 8Gb's for $89.99

But honestly it depends on how much ram you need for the game you are playing 4 GB's should be fine and about half as much

It's been a while since you posted this, but I hope this can still help if you haven't already bought the parts.



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