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Zotac Zbox OI520 Plus The small form factor market has seen a ton of innovation as of late, and while it’s quite nice to have so many tiny PC options that offer generally impressive performance in a package that you can stick just about anywhere (often with price tags that make these machines affordable enough as your second PC), system builders need to work harder than ever to differentiate their products.

Zotac has decided to take a stab at a radical chassis design with its Zbox OI520 Plus “Sphere”, and indeed, the black orb will make you do a double-take when you see it. It’s small. It’s spherical. It’s certainly different. And it has an icy blue LED light band around its entire circumference...

Zotac Zbox OI520 Plus "Sphere" SFF PC Review


Might have to get my wife one of these. Take the base version, drop in an EVO 250GB SSD, 2TB HDD, and 8GB of LP-DDR3 1600. Looking at only around $800 for a machine that will do everything she needs. Specially since she already has a 24" IPS monitor.


They just had to make it a sphere... under their Zbox lineup

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They should make this look like a skull... it would be awesome!


I would love to have one and string it up or something, turn it into a pedestal looking object, paint UV designs on it? Then use it as a 'hub' for my 3d printing!


I really like the design and the concept of the sphere it is reveloutionary!!!!


@Pengwan It agree intresting concept and design.

I personally don't like these mini PC type deals. It might just be because it's new but i feel like a full form PC is just the way to go.