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You could make a strong argument that Samsung's Galaxy S5 is the top handset on the market right now -- we certainly thought highly of it in our review. That said, we were surprised to learn that Samsung just launched an upgraded version of its flagship smartphone that boasts a higher resolution display and faster processor.

The Galaxy S5 has only been on the market for around four months, yet Samsung apparently felt compelled to swap the display for a Quad HD (QHD) screen with a 2560x1440 resolution -- up from a 1920x1080 resolution -- and trade the processor for a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 System-on-Chip (SoC). If you're looking for a caveat, it's that these tantalizing upgrades are only available in South Korea at the moment.

Galaxy S5

Nevertheless, it's an interesting decision by Samsung. These are both features that could end up highlighting the Galaxy S6 later this year, so why jump the gun and potentially diminish the 'Wow' factor of its next flagship device? Perhaps Samsung had intended to include a 2560x1440 display on the Galaxy S5 all along, but couldn't at the time of launch because the technology wasn't mature enough to meet demand.

Another reason is that Samsung may simply want to ensure that its flagship device is still the best on the market for months to come. By going with a QHD display, the upgraded Galaxy S5 steals some thunder away from rival LG and its recently launched G3 device. The G3 still boasts a bigger panel -- 5.5 inches versus 5.1 inches -- but the resolution is the same.

It's not clear if Samsung intends to extend availability of its upgraded Galaxy S5 to the U.S.

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We all know that the 805 Snapdragon was delayed and the 801 was just a stop-gap measure. Now that the 805 is out Samsung is releasing the real S5 but it is unfortunate because that means the S5 should have just been named the S4s or something. Samsung wants to be first to market with the SoC but it is actually a really smart game to play against the yet to be release iphone6 if this new phone hits the US before or same time as the ip6. This updated S5 will have a MUCH higher resolution than the ip6 with comparable SoC performance 2-3 months sooner than Apple.


It could also be a developmental device. One advantage Samsung has over many companies is there country which is divided as it is. Not to say it is a good thing in any way but they have a few plusses there. First they have a dense number of people in small and very well technologically developed area for research. Second these individuals are generally more well informed technologically in a much denser section of a society. Third there cellular/LTE existing network is above most others in the world. So they can throw out an item like this and get a much larger demographic outlook of a device or features etc in much less time because of their specific markets concentrations. This could be early development for the S6, this could be the next NOTE as well if you notice there are 3 apertures (3 circular and one rectangular) on the top of the unit but on the S5 there are 2 so the third larger open hole could be for the note's pen/control device. The charger port is generally on the bottom.


This could be an S5 Prime/premium (or whatever they're calling it) as well