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MSI GT60 Dominator Pro Gaming Laptop ReviewMSI's Dominator Pro GT60 packs two significant firsts. It's the first high-end gaming laptop we've reviewed with a HiDPI display (the GT60's 2880x1660 panel is the equal of the vaunted MacBook Pro's Retina display), and it's the first system we've looked at to sport NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 880M. MSI has also packed this system with a plethora of high-end components in a bid to challenge the dominance of more conventional boutique builders like Alienware.

We'll be comparing and contrasting the GT60 against the Alienware 17 we reviewed recently to give you a sense of how the two systems compare head to head. First, though, we want to talk about the specs MSI has brought to the table and the total system package...

MSI GT60 Dominator Pro Gaming Laptop Review


msi laptop are coming along. I didn't like their products before, they change their act and making solid components and computers


this laptop is amazing in specs, but i hate how big it is. I personally think laptops need to have form factor in mind. Laptops are meant for gaming on the go


the MSI GT60 is looking better then the Alienware M17x and it has a better price then Alienware.

Also the specs are awesome for an Laptop


I'm not sure about LED buttons for gaming or general use on Laptops. I had LED buttons on my mouse and it gets hot after awhile and that's a mouse. With that much LEDs on a Laptop and the constant trouble of your laptop getting too hot, I think that LEDs on the keyboard isn't recommended and is just for show. Does anyone actually use those LEDs?


I personallly prefer Msi's laptops to any other companies ( Alienware included) because of how powerful they make them. This thing is close to being as good a high end gaming desktop, and that's incredible.


The 72 looks crazy nice too. it's too bad they are upwards of $3k