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Devil's Canyon: Intel Core i7-4790K OC'ing and ReviewIntel has been slowly releasing information about its Devil’s Canyon processors for a few months now. If you’ve been on top of the processor scene, you probably know that Devil’s Canyon is the codename for a new revision of Intel’s 4th Gen Core processors, based on the Haswell microarchitecture, that features a high performance polymer thermal interface material (TIM) and updated packaging materials, in addition to an array of additional capacitors to smooth power delivery to the core.

The Devil’s Canyon details Intel had strategically released up until a few days ago was all high-level information and lacked specifics about particular model numbers, pricing, and performance. On June 3, however, Intel made all of the juicy details public and a soon thereafter we got our hands on the company’s current flagship Devil’s Canyon based processor, the Core i7-4790K. And today, we can finally give you the full scoop...

Devil's Canyon: Intel Core i7-4790K Overclocking and Review


No power consumption comparsion to 4770k (and the rest)?

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Soooooo what i'm hearing is... if you already have a 4770k, it's not worth the upgrade....

Marco C

@Lipe123 – Unfortunately, not yet. At least, I don’t have numbers I was comfortable putting in the article. My particular sample appears to have a problem with its IGP, so I’m not certain all parts of the chip are lighting up. The CPU behaves properly, but I couldn’t do any testing with the IGP enabled. I’m in contact with Intel though, and hope to have a replacement soon. 

With this particular sample (and in this newer Z97 mobo), DC’s power characteristics seem a little better then initial Haswells, but I can’t say for sure until I play with a perfectly working sample. Not a perfect answer, but I hope that’s helpful.

Marco C

Not unless you get top-dollar for your 4770K and it's a cheap upgrade. The 4790K is clearly faster, though.

Mike Coyne

Great reviews on new Intel Devil's Canyon i7 4790K. It was bit different and brand new CPU. It was impressed that it can overclocked to 4.80 GHz on air cooling. I wish i should get this and cheap price than I9 4960X. I got Intel i7 4960X bit over 1 month ago. It still fastest CPU in my PC. As I said, Nice reviews and good read about new i7 4790K. I enjoyed to get know about new technology on Intel processor.. I have been use Intel CPU for many years and am fan of Intel.


It is a good CPU.

The i5-4690K is very intriguing though,.......I may be able to afford that,...............


Strange the 4770K beats it in aggregate multimedia performance by a noticeable amount you would think that would be it's best area's of performance. I think I will wait for the next round personally my 4770K is doing just fine although it is tempting. I have a brand new at the time of purchase (less than a year ago) ASUS MB that will update so I could run it but I would only do it if I got relatively within 50 dollars of the price selling my 4770 K which it would seem to be at least to me not possible with this one being available for the same retail price.


This would be great to have, although I am fine with stock speeds.


A little disappointed to put it mildly.  There was sooo much hype around this and the enthusiast community started believing we would see MUCH bigger overclocks.  Looks like I'll hold out and put a Broadwell on my christmas list instead.


Looking forward to more info on this cpu. I'm still on the i7-3770k and see no need to upgrade but I'm curious how this compares to mine.


i wish i could buy one of this by the end of the year .

or should i wait for ddr 4 ?


Now you all have me torn... I was seeing awesome reviews everywhere for this CPU.  My goal is to be able to game hard if I want to, overclock because I can and tinker with video production.  Are there better options out there with these goals in mind, at the same price?


Great review! Looks like I'm still gonna hold out until the next generation of Intel chips even though I have an i7-3770k


It's a much better choice than the i7 4770k which is at a similar price, but it doesn't necessarily perform better. It is clocked much higher, but if they are at the same clock speed they perform almost exactly the same. Still an awesome upgrade an overall great chip.