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Crucial MX100 Affordable Solid State Drive ReviewCrucial has been on a tear as of late. In the last few weeks alone, the company has released a couple of new series of solid state drives, one targeting the enthusiast segment (the M550) and the other targeting data centers (the M500DC). Today, Crucial is at it again with the launch of the brand new MX100 series.

The Crucial MX100 series of solid state drives is somewhat similar to the M550 in that they both use the same Marvell controller. The MX100, however, it outfitted with more affordable 16nm NAND flash, and as such, the drives are priced more aggressively. Take a look at the full line-up and their specifications in the chart below, and then step through the rest of the review to see how the 256GB and 512GB models perform...

Crucial MX100 Affordable Solid State Drive Review


Super nice/fast drive for not a lot of coin right there. Crucial is coming on strong lately.


I don't think I would get any of them other than the 512GB. But that other drive they make at ~1TB would be my choice.

Ramon Zarat

My good old pair of M4 128GB in RAID0 still destroys everything in this chart. 🙂 2 1/2 years and not a single issue either. Crucial is by far he best ratio price/performance/reliability out there.


Would buy to replace my ocz vertex. Need more space on my ssd.