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Lenovo B750 All-in-One 29-Inch Desktop ReviewWe've all heard the phrase "Go big or go home," but how about "Go wide or go home?" The latter is the message Lenovo is sending with its B750 All-in-One Desktop PC, which offers a spacious and brilliant 29-inch super-widescreen In-Plane Switching (IPS) display to play with. It has a Full HD 2560x1080 resolution, which works out to a 21:9 aspect ratio with copious horizontal screen estate to maneuver your documents and windows. It's also adept at watching movies, as the aspect ratio is very close to the true value of 64:27, allowing for little or no discernible black bars.

 Oddly enough, Lenovo opted against touch support, an increasingly rare decision in the Windows 8/8.1 era. Touch enthusiasts aside, there's a little bit of something in the B750 for just about everyone. If you're not watching movies on the 21:9 panel, you can get busy with that research paper you've been working on and have several different source materials open alongside your Word document. And if you need to take a break for gaming, there's a discrete NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760M GPU inside that's ready to spring into action when duty calls...

Lenovo B750 All-in-One 29-Inch Desktop Review
Lenovo B750


A cooling question, how hot become al-in-one? How many years of warranty, five is cool.


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is the keyboard bluetooth?

i have a lenovo yoga 2 10inch and have a dozen disconnections a day.

Looks great and I think most desktops should simply come with bigger screens but all in one's just make me nervous. I'd rather get a laptop and connect it to a bigger screen (TV).