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Hey guys, it's Boxing Day here in Canada as we all know, and that means SALES, SALES, SALES.

I couldn't resist the temptation and bought a new video card. I bought the Retail ATI 9000 PRO 128MB for $149.99 cdn. It even has the Infenion 3.3ns DDR Ram, which are the exact same RAM chips I believe that Hot Hardware Oc'd to 712MHz on the GeForce4 Ti4200 Deluxe.

Big Problem though. Can't make it work :mad:

I uninstalled my previous video card drivers before I powered down my PC. Took out the Old Video Card (GeForce2 GTS) and put in the new one. I returned the AGP Driving Value back to Auto in the BIOS. All BIOS settings are correct I believe. Powered up my computer and Windows XP noticed the new hardware. I put in the supplied driver disk (temp till dowloaded Cat. 3.0) It installed fine, rebooted and changed resolution. It screwed my display and locked my comp. Booted in safe mode and tried changing the monitor selected. No Dice. Searched the Registry for any signs of Nvidia and coolbits (I oc'd my GTS) Erased all signs of those. Rebooted came up ok. Attempted to change Resolution. Screwed and locked comp. I cannot boot normally yet. I downloaded the newest VIA 4 in 1 drivers for my mobo, downloaded DX 9 and catalyst 3.0 (not for the right ones) still nothing. I get a little strip of garbled display at the very top of my screen and a locked computer. Any help would be great.

Sorry for the Novel everybody.

Mobo DFI TA64-B
256MB PC133 RAM
ATI 9000 PRO
Allied Telsyn 2500-TX Nic
Creative SBLive!
2 X 20GB HD's
Windows XP Pro
VIA Hyperion 4 in 1 1445V MOBO drivers
DX 9
Catalyst 3.0 drivers for all Radeon cards.

Do you think I should reinstall OS from Scratch?

Ps. Love you guys, you're the greatest. <-- Kissing A$$ for the help)
Ouch 😛 never had that problem but maybe that's a problem with the mobo and the 9000 anyway if ya can't get it workin try to re install ur OS
take out all your components bar g/card processor, memory and hardrive,see what you get.What 'beep' code do you get on POST?
Is the 9500pro connected directly to the PSU (12v connector)?..try it...
[mi6] GRiD
It's not a 9500pro, just a 9000 pro.

I got it working now...sort of. It runs in non-AGP mode according to the ATI utilities.

I checked my mobo manufacturer and there was a BIOS update that even had this line in it.
1.Add AGP Aperture size "256M" for special user.
2.Recognize ATA-100.
3.Modify RxACh value to 2b to enable ATI AGP entering OS.
4.Fix ATA100 HDD yellow mark issue when cable is connected to IDE2.

Still hasn't worked. I was getting way better performance from my GeForce 2 : (

I have Dx 9, and right now I am using the Catalyst 2.5 drivers. My VIA 4 in 1's are up to date but the card refuses to run in AGP mode. I made sure that AGP 4X is enables in the BIOS and so is fast write. The Driving mode is set to Auto and the Aperture size is set to 128MB, which is half of my system RAM.

Any ideas?
eh i've one it seems the conflict is caused by the mobo cof cof ( gc ) but if u want to have 9000 workin with it's real performance it's bettter u buy a new Mobo 😛
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If all else fails format the computer then reinstall windows, maybe an IRQ conflict.
OK u have 3 options =P
1st- Format ur comp and re install the OS
2nd- Forget 9000 and work with gf2 ( yak! )
3rd- Buy a new Mobo

^^ never lose hope ( lol )
[mi6] GRiD
I solved my problem.

I took advantage of Boxing Day and upgraded almost my whole computer.

Bought 256MB DDR CAS 2.5 for $94.95
Bought an AMD XP1800+ for $117.95
Bought a MSI KT3 Ultra 2 for $130.95

All prices are in cdn dollars. I think I did pretty good and VISA loves me now. I am gonna throw my old equipment into my moms computer and give her an upgrade too.

The Video Card is now running at AGP 4X and nice and fast too. No benchmarks yet, still finishing up driver installs etc.
post benchmarks here when you can