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Microsoft sure has been taking its sweet little time porting the wonderful Xbox One game pad over to Windows. Sure, we're still big fans of the mouse and keyboard combination -- nothing beats WSAD + mouse for moving and strafing as you gun down your enemies in a first person shooter -- but there are some titles that are simply better suited for a console controller, particularly sports games.

According to Larry Hryb, Director of Programming for Microsoft's Xbox Live Service and otherwise known as Major Nelson, the Xbox One controller is making its way to Windows in the not-too-distant future.

"Soon. Very soon," Major Nelson wrote in a post on Neogaf's web forum in response to someone asking when Windows drivers for the Xbox One controller would be coming out.

Xbox One Controller

Hopefully "soon" and "very soon" both refer to this summer rather than closer to the end of the year. Last August, Microsoft confirmed plans to release Windows-compatible drivers for the Xbox One controller, saying that they would come out sometime in 2014, but neglected to say exactly when.

As the early months of 2014 came and went, there were rumors suggesting that Microsoft scrapped plans to support the controller on Windows PCs, or that a brand new controller specifically for Windows would need to be developed. Microsoft was quick to debunk both rumors, calling them "100 percent wrong."

work with X360 dongle?


I don't get why it didn't work from the get go on Windows to begin with. Even the dualshock 4 is pretty much plug and play.


For as little time as I've had with a XBox One controller, I have to say that I really like the feel of it. A nicely refined controller in my opinion.


The only thing to come out of microsoft's xbox division i actually purchase. The immediate "just Works" config with steam and big picture mode is fantastic.


Haaa move to ps4

Xbox One Modded Controllers

This is perfect for those who love their old 360 controllers, or had a real expensive modded 360 controller and now don't have to worry about buying another, or want to use a PS4 Dual shock 4 controller or want that extra edge by playing with a keyboard and mouse. Naturally you have full access to all of the mod packs too so you can now play with a fully modded controller on your Xbox One Modded Controllers - including our latest addition to the mudpack range, CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS V1.0 - again supplied free of charge and will be out very soon (Until it is released you can use the Call of Duty Series v1.7 Game Pack to work with COD Ghosts on the Xbox One)