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In it's most basic form, YouTube is a place to go watch overzealous Warcraft players screw over their clan by charging into battle without a game plan, or to be hypnotized by Psy's Korean rap song en route to 2 billion video views. But that's focusing on the consumption side. It takes creators to make YouTube what it is, and to make sure unique and entertaining videos continue to be uploaded, YouTube is rolling out a bunch of new features.

Those that are destined for the short term are highlighted in YouTube's first-ever Creator Preview video, which shows a run-down of what the video streaming site is working on to make the YouTube experience a better one. "We'll do this regularly, so you can stay informed on where we're headed," YouTube promises.

So, what's on tap? In the coming months, YouTube plans to roll out a separate mobile app filled with features that content creators have been asking for. This will put YouTube's various video tools into mobile devices for easier access for building something on-the-go, and also for managing YouTube channels.


YouTube is also working on ways to better monetize your efforts. In some cases, much of the funding for a video or series happens outside of YouTube, and to change that, the video site is going to allow fans to contribute money to their favorite creators through YouTube.

Finally, YouTube is working on a way for viewers from around the world can provide multilingual captions and subtitles for videos, along with a revenue sharing model for eligible cover songs, a new comment management system, and a few other minor tweaks.

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