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No need to brace yourself for this one, but in case you were wondering, Americans are typically dissatisfied with their cable and Internet service providers (ISPs). That won't be shocking to most, but lest there was any doubt, numbers from the American Consumer Satisfaction Index show that cable companies and ISPs are doing a poor job keeping their customers happy.

The survey pings users for their experience regarding picture quality; high definition picture quality; ease of use of remote controls, cable boxes, and onscreen menus; interactions with the call center; and other topics that can make or a break a customer's opinion about a company.

Time Warner Cable
Image Source: Flickr (Michael Dougherty)

On a 100-point scale, Time Warner Cable came in last both in terms of Internet service (54/100, representing a 14.3 percent drop compared to a year ago) and television service (56/100, representing a 6.7 percent drop compared to last year). Comcast, which plans on acquiring TWC, came in second to last in both categories with scores of 57/100 and 60/100, respectively. Those represent respective drops of 8.1 percent and 4.8 percent compared to last year.

What's troubling about the survey is that average score among all companies is just 63/100. As for ISPs, Verizon took the top spot with a score of 71/100, while all others scored between 54 and 65. In the TV category, the highest score was 69, which was achieved by both AT&T and DirecTV. All others scored anywhere from 56 to 68.

Are you happy with your cable operator and/or ISP? Sound off in the comments section!

It's not just Americans lol

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Time Warner was the worst cable provider we ever had. Their service was horrendous and their customer service was the worst my family or I have ever experienced. I am now TWC free for 2 years and counting!


I love my Verizon Fios- net tv and phone- 9 years not a problem. Comcast would go down at least once a month and could be down for days at a time.


Verizon FIOS quality is excellent. Much better than Comcast. However, Verizon's customer service is TERRIBLE! If you want a standard package or want to upgrade, life is good. If you want something different or want to pick and choose... be prepared to be on the phone for an hour. We finally got tired of it and cut everything except for the internet. I wish there was an alternative...


Didn't Comcast win like a worst company of the year award or something last year, beating out EA? I think maybe I read that on The Escapist, anyway. The point is that Comcast blows! The end of an open internet blows.


I had the fastest internet speed ever when I was hooked up to cable!