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AOL has experienced a nasty security breach that exposed a great deal of user information, and the company says that it was the work of criminal hackers, as opposed to some kind of glitch or oversight.

“AOL is investigating a security incident that involved unauthorized access to AOL's network and systems. AOL is working with best-in-class external forensic experts and federal authorities to investigate this serious criminal activity,” wrote the AOL Mail Team in a blog post.

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AOL first noticed that there was a problem when users began seeing an increase in spam in the form of spoofed emails. The mail team has determined that email and postal addresses, contacts, and encrypted passwords and security answers were all potentially accessed.

One good thing is that AOL doesn’t believe that the password encryption was broken, and no user financial data was pilfered.

Still, if you’re an AOL user, you’d be wise to change your password and the answers to your security questions, and be vigilant about the veracity of your incoming emails. AOL is continuing to investigate the situation.

Who still use aol?


You would be surprised.

Super Dave

WarHeaven1 wrote:

Who still use aol?

Perhaps the better question would be 'Who still pays for AOL?'


i keep seeing "AOL" etc.. but I dont get it... do they still have that whole AOL online software and chat rooms and whatever? 

its so.... old lol

Super Dave

@StaticFx: AOL is like Yahoo or MSN in that their websites offer news stories and entertainment - along with free email service. You can access AOL with any web browser by visiting The AOL software is not a requirement, but it does make for an easy connection if you are stuck using dial-up. In 1999 I subscribed to AOL while using dial-up, but when I got broadband I downgraded my account to FREE and still kept my email address. There is no reason to pay AOL unless you use them for dial-up. You can still use their chat rooms and instant messenger for free, too.