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This time around, politicians against video games seem very upset over games where you can get it on with a prostitute ( cmon, like they never did ) and earn points or the games with violence against women ( you can kill billions of other menjust not women ). Interesting ardOCP-fact: Japan, has less than half the US population and they play 5 times more video games than us. Number of murders in Japan last year? 75. Number of murders in the US? 16,000+. Why isnt Japan a bunch of homicidal video game fanatics?

Are you as upset over this as I am? It's the parents fault these kids are becoming violent. I watched mature rates movies when I was 6 years old and I play any and all video games regardless of rating, and I have yet to go shoot or maim someone. The ardOCP fact just proves how f***ed up some politicians are. This is total BS.

I was watching World News Tonight and they were talking about it. I believe they rated the whole video game industry with an F, because they failed to rate games fairly. Anyway I don't like this. Video games are meant to be fun, because of a couple of wackos everyone is being blamed.
Well just look at it this way the people that [censored] about video game get older and there around what 50 55 ok.before you know it there be to old to pick up there heads . That mean we as young people that get the power to rate the game the right way and fairly. Pluse where smarter to.
Well I suppose the main player here is USA. Which says game re responsible for t in violence in their country. No offense but some look at all the guns up there, i mean there are so many of them. Games can drive you a little aggressive especailly when you jsut came out of Battlefield or UT2k3(especailly when stupid people drive you made in the game) but it's not like i makes you into a monster. Look at society, television has become too powerful. You could with it, mke believe to the entire population what the hell you want. It's like that with major issues, where numbers are misleading, not properly used and dammit not realistic.

Games are games, if you abuse ok, but even there they don't make you into a killing machine, neither does watching violence.
Politicians are getting gayer everyday. Ther is always cause and effect here, with a lurking variable. When it is said television makes kids violent, it works the other way, it could be violent kids that watch more violent tv and Even it could be in a house holds where the children suffers from domestic violence, becomes violent himself thus watching violent tv or vice versa. It's the same with games.

Like a story that happenned not so long ago. Where a kid was found guilty of stealing tons of cars, he said he was affacted by grand theft auto. BS I mean in US you could blame a freaking cat for looking you with wierd eyes and driving you to insanity.(btw i am not insane) You could clear out a murder by saying the capt'n crunch looks like a bad guys and promotes piracy and killing what ever the excuses are getting dumber and dumber.

Games are jsut an easy way of blaming a problem that society has a hole is responsible, not Games.

Well maybee some will disagree but these are some of my point of views.....

Unfortunatly we probably haven't seen the worse yet.
One other thing, there always ahve been killers rapists, murderers, suicides, nowadays televison jsut makes it worse than it actually is. Games didnt existed 25 years ago and there were still deraged and psycopath individuals, and waht was responsible for that will you tell me ?????
thats the point exactly.people were killing each other long b4 television and games came along,Vlad the impaler,and just look at the british(yes i know im british btw)...[censored]aging every country they could get their hands on just for the sake of 'imperialism'?
Todays society's to blame?...hanging and going to hangings where common place,so too were stocks....crowds of people set on gratuitous violence,the Romans ..i really could go on and on.It seems to me that society has got BETTER.What we have now more than ever is FICTIONAL when it comes to 'gratuitous' violence,and dont get me wrong,i enjoy it.but i also know thw difference between right and wrong.Lame excuses dont help,they' re a scapegoat,and people that set themselves on that course are detrimental to society and have to be punished.
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Society has gotten better. The reason that small and unrelated things like games are getting so much flak is because politicians are getting dumber and the media has a larger influence than ever. Now, whenever something happens, it's on national TV. Something that would have been considered common and not important is now making headline news. So some kid brings a gun to school. It makes headline news, he doesn't even need to shoot the damned thing. 20-40 years ago, if that happended, who cared? Stuff like that never used to make it on the TV/radio/newpaper.
Heres my view:

There is less violence (actual violent acts, but there is more in the media) than before, so when something happens, they need to amke a big deal of it. The media cares about ratings, so by make something like vioelnce and video games bigger than actually is, it can gte people worried and crying for some sort of response, and by doing all this, the media gets its ratings.

At least thats what I think...
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Originally posted by L337Llama
Heres my view:

There is less violence (actual violent acts, but there is more in the media) than before, so when something happens, they need to amke a big deal of it. The media cares about ratings, so by make something like vioelnce and video games bigger than actually is, it can gte people worried and crying for some sort of response, and by doing all this, the media gets its ratings.

At least thats what I think...

And L337Llama hits it on the nose.
vlad the impaler= dracula supposedly
they banned online games in greece
from the fact that they banned online
gambling, and they thought i would spread
to games.......ku ku
Here he sits, Mr. J. Q. Public. In his computer generated world of tomorrow. Stealing cars, raping, [censored]aging, murder and mayhem. Little does he know that while in his brain numbing alter world of PC gaming, something different is going to happen.

Tonight you see is not going to be a normal night. Tonight will bring Mr. J. Q. Public to the verge of terror and beyond. His cozy little animated world where he is lord and master, is about to play it's own game...in the Twilight Zone.

This is the perception that most adults get when they think of video games. I on the other hand an not a normal adult. I've been playing games since 1978 and have no intention of letting a bunch of idiots run my life.

Blaming the world's trouble on games is as asinine as blaming teen suicides on music. If you look at the ring leaders of these anti-everything movements. It's the religious right that's behind it. The Jerry Falwell's of the world. Every country has them. The sad part is millions of people believe the crap these fools spew forth!
You did really good on the Twilight Zone theme.

The only thing that makes me want to be violent is the idiotic people who support these beyond-worthless politicians--they have no interest in politics, but only in getting rich and covering their own ass.
Thanks for the kind words

Look who's backing these moronic politicians. Almost all of them have a religious right winger in the background. Unless the politician is one him/herself.

I am not anti-religion, just anti-radical. Too many of these self righteous hypocrites are coming out of the woodwork. They're like [censored]roaches, put them under a light and they scatter.
This is a perfect example of why I've always believed in the seperation of Church and State. Politicians are bad enough. Religious fanatics are bad enough as well. Religion fanatic politicians??

Not Good.

According to the Bible (ack) people have been killing eachother since the days of Adam and Eve, when Cane killed Able. Think it was the Super NES that set him off?? lol

So the politicians have their double standard. They want to blame video games for the level of violence in America and yet they spend BILLIONS on fancy new systems which they like to call Urban Combat Simulation System.

Correct me if Im wrong but isn't that still just a high dollar video game?

Maybe Jessie Jackson or Jim Baker will get elected as president and video games will be outlawed. If so, they can count on having guns pointed repeatedly at them.

Back to initial post. The key reason Japan has a lower murder rate than the US is the fact that firearms are not readily available to the public. Ever tried to rob a 7/11 with a blood filled syringe?
Good way to get ones ass kicked with a phone book One would have better luck trying to rob the 7/11 with said phone book