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It looks like rumors that hit the Web a couple of months ago have proven true: Comcast has just upgraded its Blast package from 50Mbps to 105Mbps - an increase of 6.25MB/s to 13.13MB/s in megabyte terms. As a free upgrade, this kind of jump is nothing short of "awesome", although some might balk at the lack of an upload increase - it remains at 10Mbps (1.25MB/s).

Earlier rumors said that a couple of Comcast's other packages would be seeing a boost as well, but so far, those haven't been reflected. Performance, the package that offers 25Mbps speeds, was said to jump to 50Mbps, and Extreme, from 105Mbps to 300Mbps. One change we did see is that Extreme has become Extreme 150 - exhibiting a bump of 105Mbps to 150Mbps. It's not quite 300Mbps, and admittedly, I'd find it a little difficult to justify shelling out an extra $30/mo for a mere boost of 105Mbps to 150Mbps. By all accounts, 105Mbps is pretty incredible...

... unless it's compared to Google Fiber, of course, where users can typically speedtest well beyond 800Mbps bi-directional - and it costs less than Comcast's 150Mbps package. Nonetheless, beggars can't be choosers, and when Google Fiber is not available everywhere, any speed boost is going to be appreciated - especially when it's a doubling-up.


Faster way to data cap wfc


OI Comcast, start installing hybrid docsis 3 networks in Australia. Starting with my house.


Rogers communications has been offering 150+ for about three years now, but the caps still suck.

Super Dave

The prices shown are for the first 12 months. What are the harsh reality prices after that?


Hope you dummies realize a megabit is 1/8 of a megabyte and the DL rate is also bottlenecked to the ISP of the host/site your visiting...



Did anyone indicate anything different?

"50Mbps to 105Mbps - an increase of 6.25MB/s to 13.13MB/s" Seems like they understood that fine. Why are you being so mean?


@Super Dave

After 12 months is when you cancel service and sign up under a different name to get the good deals


This is not least not in my zip. I have Blast...avg 55mbps. Website still shows 50 mbps.


My Blast service jumped up to double the speed two days ago.

It was fast before. Now it's faster.


Restart your router, or unplug it for about a minute and recheck. Sometimes the power needs to cycle to register a change.


Well some people here must come here to Jordan and see the internet service. It will be one of two things:

A service like sh** drops from time to time that is very low priced (unlimited download), or a good connection that gives you a stupid monthly download usage in which after that limit ends you must pay around 3.5$ for each extra GB you consume! A good connection with no limit is a dream for most of us here in Jordan, thanks to the stupid f*** ISPs !!!


I would not wipe my butt with comcast- it normally went down a few times a month and might be down days. My Verizon Fios package rocks and in 9 years has never had a problem- speed test says I get 58mbps down and 44 up tho most sites limit is way lower- even Steam is only like 7mbps. My fastest downloads ever seen is when I update my Defiance game it is over 55mbps- takes about a minute for downloads but about 10-15 mins for install.. Your end can be as fast as you wish- if the other end is capped it means nothing...

Comcast xfinity INDIANAPOLIS

thanks for a article its really nice that comast increases Blast internet speed from 50mbps to 105 mbs.