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If you were one of the early believers in the Virtuix Omni virtual reality treadmill, your faith will finally be rewarded when the company ships a unit to your front door starting in July. The earliest adopters who secured their treadmills back during the halcyon Kickstarter days will be the first in line, but even if you preorder now, you’ll get yours as early as September.

Virtuix has missed its initial planned ship date of March 2014, but considering what the company is trying to do with this VR treadmill, that’s not such a bad miss. The device promises to let you run, jump, squat, and otherwise move through virtual worlds, and it’s designed to be paired with the Oculus Rift (and a PC). If this thing works half as well as promised, it will be a milestone in the VR gaming field.

Virtuix Omni

A Virtuix Omni treadmill will run you $499, which doesn’t include shipping fees but does include special s[censored]s, a support harness, software, and a mini game that shows what the thing can do. You can also snag a pair of Omnis with three pairs of s[censored]s with the Duel Package (it’s a pun, get it?) for $1,019.

These guys got absolutely owned on Shark Tank lol. I hope Virtuix proves them wrong


Yeah, Shark Tank didn't do them any favors, but I think this is going to be huge! I'd also be interested in seeing this morphed not only into gaming, but general fitness. Jogging paths and the like, even have virtual marathons using this device could be awesome!


This has potential to be a great thing, but at $500 (the cost of XboxOne, $100 Less than a PS4 and about the cost of a nice video card) it might be too much. We will see


Didnt this come out in the 80's and failed. I remember playing in the mall on them. Dont think I want to drop 1k on something I will use a few times an d never use it again


hmm could this be the ultimate game changer to the oculus rift :D? and 2 I like the treadmill idea to this pretty cool.


What games does this actually work with?


A promised ship date is a promised ship date, and it is late; I find it dangerous to ship as a consumer product until Oculus Rift is further along in its development.

I would have had a "dev kit" approach of shipping until there's more indications of Oculus Rift (or even Project Morpheus) are further along towards being used beyond the devs.