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Imagine plugging your fully depleted smartphone into its charger, waiting a mere 30 seconds, and then having it fully recharged again. Sounds far fetched, doesn't it? That's what makes StoreDot Ltd.'s technology so jaw dropping -- the concept is far fetched, yet it's much closer to becoming a reality than you might think.

In fact, it's already here, sort of. No, you can't waltz into Walmart's electronics section and pick up some super charging device that will juice your HTC One in half a minute. However, StoreDot did build a prototype charger for Samsung's Galaxy S4 smartphone. Because seeing is believing, check out the following demonstration:

Pretty amazing, right? StoreDot, which is an Israeli start-up, unveiled the miracle charger at Microsoft's Think Next conference in Tel Aviv, The Wall Street Journal reports. At present, the prototype only works with the Galaxy S4 -- consider it a proof of concept, if you will. However, the company isn't stopping there and is planning to make rapid charging devices for other phones, too.

Details of the technology are pretty sparse, though it has to do with using biological semiconductors made from organic compounds called peptides, which are short chains of amino acids. The result of StoreDot's efforts is a somewhat larger charger that makes quick work out of filling your phone's battery.

StoreDot Charger
It took less than 30 seconds to take the Galaxy S4's battery indicator from the red zone to being fully charged.

One of StoreDot's goals is to reduce the size of the charger. The company is shooting for a commercial debut towards the end of 2016 with an estimated price of up to $30. That's comparatively expensive for a charger, but perhaps a small price to pay for 30-second charging.

This might be the much needed boost in battery technology we've long needed!


Then We'll probably need new batteries sooner...

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that isn't expensive at all compared to an iPhone charger but I guess it is a lot for a micro-USB charger. It is well worth the price I would pay $100 or even more for this especially if it is universal with al phones and even other devices that need charging.


is it a special battery?   any way you look at it... if its possible. Think past cell phones. There must be something about this to allow a rapid charge. Cars? imagine pulling into a station and recharging your car in the same time you could fill it with gas!!!


This sounds great! We'll see just have to wait and see I guess.


graphene batteries are the next leap in battery tech


That sounds like some warped battery components...


Throws 4.2v @ 20a burst, pause, burst pause, burst. Bypassing the internal charger probably.


ArturoSanchez wrote:

Throws 4.2v @ 20a burst, pause, burst pause, burst. Bypassing the internal charger probably.

that was my thoughts as well.... lol [*-)]  or.. maybe its MAGIC!!!


Yea don't know how a normal battery would like that.

fast charging doesn't give a good of a charge as trickle charging.

Pancake Effect

As StaticFx stated, think past phone chargers, maybe this could apply cars..or mech warriors lol