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HotHardware's Two and a Half Geeks 3/19/14:  Asus Chromebox, Dell XPS 13, Dell 4K Monitor, CyberPower Zeus MiniIn this episode of HotHardware's Two and a Half Geeks, Marco, Dave and Iyaz discuss various announcements that came out of NVIDIA's GPU Tech Conference last week including the big, bad dual-GPU powered GeForce GTX Titan Z, SHIELD updates, and an upcoming Tegra, SSDs from Samsung and Crucial, WD's MyCloud EX2 and details of our giveaway where you could win a killer mini gaming PC from CyberPower PC...
Show Notes:
01:55 - NVIDIA Updates SHIELD With Kit Kat, New Streaming Options, and Redesigned Gamepad Mapper
04:05 - NVIDIA Talks High Performance Graphics APIs: DirectX12, DirectX11 Improvements, and New OpenGL Extensions
09:18 - GTC '14: NVIDIA Outs Pascal, Titan Z, Tegra Updates
15:32 - NVIDIA Demos Unreal Engine 4 On GeForce GTX Titan Z at GTC 2014
20:24 - Samsung SSD 840 EVO mSATA Review
23:59 - Crucial M550 Series Solid State Drive Review
27:01 - WD My Cloud EX2 Personal Cloud Server Review
33:01 - HotHardware and CyberPower PC Spring Fling Gaming System Giveaway!


Ya i really hope i can win that Zeus mini they talked about ive tried my hardest and all i can do now is wait, but nice episode really great!


this is cool 🙂 I love how you mark the different parts so I can find what I want! new fan.. going to subscribe now.


Very nice Episode as always! Great analysis on the Pascal and Titan Z but comes to my mind is that why their isn't released together at the same time would of been a Awesome Dynamic Duo! in crime. Oh! Nice Shave Marco And Oh My Gosh Those IRON MAN POSTERS BRO!!! Kick *** DUDE! Wish I had one xD!!!

Marco C

ok Marco.. those are very cool! Thanks for the link!


Thanks for the link buddy really appreciate it...I was browsing around and there is tons of artwork that really interest me. Then I went to his facebook and saw some wicked photography of him aswell...really looks like a guy who takes very much pride in his work and I believe that what makes a artist and yeah my mistake about Cap I was really just blinded and amazed xD


Oh I love this. Super interested in the first 20 minutes because of the NVIDIA stuff, but the whole video was great. Loved just being able to catch up on everything in one video. I never saw this Two and a Half Geeks before but I'm subscribing to the YouTube channel so I don't miss another. That Titan Z is just amazing. I went back and watched that Unreal Engine 3 demo video again because of this lol. Awesome stuff! I can't wait for the Maxwell is is more widely utilized by Nvidia. The 750Ti is the only current card with it correct?

Marco C

CJ is REALLY cool. I met him at Comic Con in NYC after I had ordered these two pieces. He was actually interviewed by Whoopi Goldberg and briefly appeared on "The View" when they covered the show in NY. He'll make whatever you want too. I think I'll be ordering up a Thor piece next, but that'll probably be the end for me. The rest of the Avengers I'll probably just get prints.


Given the announcement of Pascal by Nvidia and NVLink, I'm surprised not much has been made by people whether or not Intel would welcome it given the fact that they may want to bring some variant of OPCIe to mainstream consumers(

Will they be at odds with one another, given the fact both technologies both being on the same motherboard seems unfeasible? 

Either way, it sort of makes it interesting what this all means for PCIe4 adoption; of course OPCIe and NVLink doesn't mean it's D.O.A.'d.