Mike Coyne

Hey, Can someone will help me with OC in UEFI BIOS system? It is new to me. My motherboard is ASUS P9X79 LE with UEFI BIOS with new Intel I7 4960X with unlocked muilt and has Intel water cooling system. I try to find a info about OC in UEFI BIos on web sites. There are very few but not much of info. I hope someone  will give more info on OC and I can understand better at OC thing on UEFI BIOS. I'll check back later on the post.

In case if you want to know my PC spec:

Asus P(X79 LE (intel Chipsets X79) with Socket 2011

Intel i7 4960X at 3.60 GHz with 15 MB L3 caches and Inter water cooling system

16 GB of RAM at 2.13 GHz (XMP Support by Intel)

300 GB at 10k RPM (WD Valicoraptor)

HIS Radeon 7870 2GB DDR with GDDR5 video card (reuse, only 1.5 yrs old , and is full PCI-Express 3.0)

Thermaltake Toughpower 750 Watts with 80 Plus GOLD with Cable Management.

Reuse Coolmaster 912 HAF Mid Tower only 3 years old.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqSxv4TR0wA maybe this could help you 🙂 get a somewhat idea lol

Mike Coyne

Thanks for the link about ASUS OC. I'll check it out and try to learn from it.

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