Mike Coyne

Hey all,

I will build my new i7 system tomorrow. I spend about $1700 to $1800 on parts. Here the system info:

Intel i7 A960X (22nm Ivy Bridge-E 6 cores with HT Tech with 15 MB L3 caches and unlocked muilt)

Intel Thermal Solution TS13X (Water Cooling System)

ASUS P9X79 LE Motherboard (has older style p/2 for my keyboard and mouse)

Kington Hyper X 16 GB DDR3 @ 2.13 GHz (Intel support XMP)

Western Digtail Vecoicoraptor  300 GB @ 10K RPM SATA HDD (downsize from my old 500 gb)

Thermaltake Toughpower 750 Watts with 80 Plus GOLD with cable managerment

Another new Windows 7 Ulmatic 64 bit OS (wont use Windows 8)

the above is all new parts.

I will reuse my Coolmaster HAF 912 tower (only 3 years old) and my 1.5 years old AMD Radeon 7870 PCI-Express 3.0 Video card and ASUS AC68 WIFI PCI-E x1. I hope they will boot up at frist time. We will see. I will let you know how everthing went on the post later. I am sure you might saw my HAF 912 tower in photo before. (same old one) i decided go with that ti save some money rather than buy new tower.




what is the system for?

Mike Coyne

It is custom build PC. It will be a gaming PC.power by Intel i7 Extreme Edition.. It can do anything like normal pc do but raw power and push to max with unlocked muilt  (overclocked) . I currenty use my 3 years old PC that has Intel i7 990X Extreme Edition at 3.47 GHz and turbo kicked in at 3.73 GHz with 12 MB L3 caches. I did pushed mine to 4.6 to 4.8 GHz with Water cooling system. No problem. It still fast.  Soon it will be replaced to new Intel i7 4960X Extreme Edition at 3.60 GHz and Turbo kicked in at 4 GHz with 15 MB L3 caches. .


for the CPU.. do you mean the i7 4960X? (you have A960X) if so... that CPU is extremely expensive!

I would HIGHLY suggest, if you really want an i7 that is...) to go for the Intel Core i7-4930K instead. Its about 1/2 the price, and you can overclock. Then take that extra money and upgrade your GPU. You will get a much better gaming upgrade for a better GPU than you would getting the i7 extreme.

There are no games that currently cant even take advantage of that CPU.. and the overall performance gain is not worth $500 extra. Look at some tests done between the two.. there are a number of them and they all conclude its not worth the money if you are gaming... heres a quote from talking about the difference 

"If you care about frames per second in a game, then definitely save these almost 400 additional bucks and spend them on a high-end VGA or even a second VGA, if it's insane performance you need. Everything else is a waste of money in our opinion."

So, instead.. take the $500 saved and get an R9 290X - you will see a huge improvement (or drop to the 280X)





Mike Coyne

Yeah, I mean Intel i7 4960X.  It was my mistyped. Thanks for offer the idea about CPU and GPU. I already paid rest of the part. The reason I break in 1/2 of my money under rules of SSI rules  (under $2000.00 limit) I made much of $$$$ so that why.. I dont like this rules of SSI I'm sure you will know what i means.  I did read the review of i7 4960X. It use less watts than my old i7 990X and was impressed by that. I did ordered i7 4960X from 3 weeks ago. It will be good for 3 to 5 years until time to upgrade next gen CPU.  


lol well enjoy!


Im still s[censored]zing every little bit out of my Core2Duo e8500.....  and you have a CPU thats like 50x more powerful lol. Sigh... well, maybe in a year I will have enough $ (or if I am lucky enough to win one)


I want to see pics when you are done!

Mike Coyne

My new custom built PC with Intel i7 4960X is up running for 4 days. No problems with it. I guess i got lucky that it booted up to BIOS. It means everything works so far... I'm happy with it.


Nice to hear you built a new rig and paying some of the good fortune to your step brother with his  :) 

Personally I would have also opted for the Intel Core i7-4930K, and a much beefier graphics card than the AMD Radeon 7870  like Static mentions, even a R9 280X is plenty for many of today's games. along with an SSD which you can add later. Anyhow if budget allows,  what type of monitor you have ? Quite often an updated screen 27" or better and combined with some awesome game peripherals, can really make things so much more fun.

Mike Coyne

Hey Rrplay,

I have HP LCD 20 inch Wide screen monitor with DVI output. It work great on games and anything. I did upgraded AMD Radeon 7870 about 1..5 year ago and it did run much better with my games on my old Ii7 990X system. Now Radeon 7870 moved to new ASUS P9X79 MB and it  worked very well. AMD Radeon 7870 is fully PCI Express 3.0 video card. I think this 20 inches monitor suit me good for now. Maybe one day I will maybe bump up to 24 inches montior or go with HDTV with HDMI cable plug in.  I did look at Radeon R9 280X but too much $$$. I will consider about that. One day might upgrade from 7870. Wait for the price go down bit or on sale.

Mike Coyne

Update, I made a decided to buy new video card. It will replace my 1.5 years old AMD Radeon 7870 GHz Edition 2 GB. It will be new AMD Radfeon R9 270 2 GB DDR and it have same hardware from 7870. New model is Club 3D Radeon R9 270 (they tweaked the Radeon GPU set at 930 MHz and boost at 955 MHz) and onboard memeroy at stock 5.60 GHz and use 150 watts (one 6 pin plug in). I did read the review about Club 3D R9 270 and I did look at the test graphic chat againt 7870.. I noticed it show slightly improved over Radeon 7870. I guess it sound good to me and New Radeon R9 270 and Radeon 7870 performance about same level(on R9 270 sightly better over 7870 because of onboard memero, 5.60 GHz vs 4.80 GHz)  I bought it from for best price. It cost 179.00 with free AMD game gift at discount  (-$59.99) I did paid only $120.00 on video card. Best deal for me!


Enjoy that new system Mike.

Mike Coyne

Update: I did got a Radeon 7870 XT limited Edition form AMD. Now it is on my X79 MB. It is so powerful than orginal 7870. This has 1536 pipelines, base clock at 925 and boost at 975 MHz, and faster vram onboard at 1.5 GHz x4 equal to 6 GHz  I really like this better than orginal 7870 GHz Edition and R9 270. Dont worry, I still have Radeon R9 270 as back up (just in case if 7870 XT run into problem)