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In a world where for some reason there are schools think that outfitting students with delicate and expensive iPads is a good idea, Intel Education has designed a rugged tablet that may actually survive the toughest test there is: kids K-12.

The Android-based Amplify Tablet was built specifically for “the K-12 environment” with Corning Gorilla Glass, ruggedized edges that can survive drops, some level of waterproofing, and a tethered stylus. (The key there being “tethered”.)

Intel Education Amplify Tablet

The tablet runs on a dual-core Intel Atom chip (2GHz) and also features a 10.1-inch touch display and 5MP rear- and 1.3MP rear cameras. There are microHDMI and microUSB ports, as well as a 2x2 MIMO WiFi radio.

The Amplify Tablet also includes Miracast capabilities, a case that doubles as a stand, an external USB keyboard, as well as content aimed at those K-12 along with educational apps and filtering.

Intel Education Amplify Tablet

The price point is interesting; schools will be able to lease each tablet for $199 per year for 3 years. The cost includes the whole schmeer--tablet, accessories, platform, and software.

wow thats a decent price. in regards to the first comment i think older kids(to a certain degree) are trustworthy for working with ipads and such but having them in school is awesome. However this initiative from intel is a really nice deal.


Wow this is crazy to think of my school days. Not that it was that long ago. Biggest concern would be thievery, but I would unrealistically hope that no one would steal it. Cool concept though. I like the idea of getting children involved with technology. Good teaching tool to keep them interested