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In December, we talked about the "damned if we do, damned if we don't" situation Microsoft was finding itself in with Windows XP. At this point, the OS could be considered ancient - at least in software years - yet, it still has a massive following. The OS has been out for nearly 13 years, and since its release, we've seen three other major variants of Windows released, with the latest of course being 8.

The fact that Windows XP isn't dead at this very moment is thanks to Microsoft's move to extend the support deadline a couple of years ago. With this looming April 8th "final" deadline, many XP fans had hoped that the company would once again prolong the OS' support cycle - but that isn't the case. Microsoft is serious about this one, and it's apparently prepared to deal with the repurcussions that could come with it.

The final nail in the coffin was made known last month, when Microsoft issued a plea to those who would be willing to explain the death of XP to friends and family, and help them get into a position (read: upgrade their PC) so that they can be on a more modern version of Windows. A side-effect XP's death could have, though, wouldn't work out to the favor of Microsoft: People could simply not care about the lack of support, or they could move to a competing OS, such as Linux.

There's another potentially major issue here: XP sits on the majority of ATMs out there, still. As of December, at least 400,000 ATMs around the United States still had XP on them. In some ways, it's a little foolish to believe that so many banks have been slack in upgrading, because while Windows 8 isn't everyone's cup of tea, the death of XP has been known-about for quite some time. It's worth bearing in mind, though, that if an ATM is running Windows XP CE, a slimmed-down version of XP, Microsoft is still supporting that until 2016.

One interesting factoid to note is that while XP is clearly and definitively on its deathbed, we learned last month that in some cases, XP usage was growing. When you think about it, this really is an odd situation, but it's one I'm sure Microsoft will be thrilled to have off of its back sooner than later (which I'm sure will extend far beyond XP's burial date).


Wouldn't be as big of a deal if windows 7 was available and xp had an upgrade path


OS X has been around for the same amount of time and no one in the Apple camp is panicking. I get that Microsoft wants to move past XP but throwing a new OS out there every 2-3 years isn't helping them. The PC industry has matured and if Microsoft want's to emulate Apple they should look at how Apple has kept OSX up to date without requiring a complete revamping of the OS every few years.


What about airlines computers?


The problem is price. I have several users that I support that have 8-10 year old systems they purchased for less than $100, and they simply can't afford to spend another $100 or more on an operating system upgrade. If Microsoft brought out a version they could sell for $29-39 (I had high hopes for the Windows 8.1 with Bing, but it looks like that'll be OEM-only), I think a lot more people would be inclined to upgrade.


microcrap should be mothballed


ATMs run xp embedded. It's a totally closed system that does EVERYTHING it needs to. How many more I'll informed panic posts like this do we have to endure?


Yes don't spend money on tools that run your business or makes you money. Banks have not excuse but greed for not keeping up to date.


The only difference between XP and XPe is a registry change. XPe does EVERYTHING it needs to do, such as catch malware as did Target and their POS systems that runs XPe.


Microsoft can't kill XP because the OS Zombie Apocalypse has already begun and it cannot be stopped. Boot up all ye Pentiums and Celerons, Athlons and Phenoms! Scratch the tiles off the windows and whatever you do, don't touch the screen. Heed the warnings of your martyr, HAL-9000, and never open the Pod bay doors! To quote HAL, "This machine is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it."


I very much doubt that people are going to move to linux. People who dont upgrade are generally those that just cant afford a new pc/laptop and those that just dont care. Most of the people who dont care just want their computer work. Those are not people that are going to move to linux. Either way those that cant or dont care will probably stay on windows xp unless forced to or the opportunity presents its self for them to upgrade


Windows Xp 1st Os I used!...Good Times


What Microsoft SHOULD do is lower the prices of OS by like 60% so even people with old computers and not much of an income can get a new OS that Microsoft supports.