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You won't find larger fans of mechanical keyboards than right here, which is why we're pretty pumped each time we see a company push the envelope in the space. Razer's the latest to do so, introducing a the Mechanical Switch. It's a mechanical keyboard technology engineered first for gaming, while most of the mechanical boards on the market cater first to typists.

As you'd expect, Razer invested a bit of time in researching the needs of gamers, identifying the "optimal actuation distance for a gaming switch to a fraction of a millimeter and reduced the distance between the actuation and reset point by almost half to allow for faster, more precise gaming commands when compared to standard mechanical switches." Razer also claims that the lifespan of the board approaches 60 million (yes, with a capital M) key strokes.

The new technology is currently available on the new Razer BlackWidow family of gaming keyboards, and amazingly, Razer's making it available to "other gaming peripheral makers who wish to manufacture" high-grade mechanical keyboards of their own. The all new Razer Mechanical Switch comes in two types: The Razer Green switch that is tactile and clicky, requiring a force of 50 g to actuate; and the Razer Orange switch that is tactile yet silent, requiring a force of 45 g to actuate.

Have a look at the video above for a closer look.

Aww man... wish I had waited before buying my new keyboard...


A switch is a perfect example of something that doesn't need to be "designed" for gaming; all these are, are modified CHERRY MX switches. And, funny enough, neither the green or orange mimic CHERRY MX red, which tend to be well-regarded as being a de facto choice for gamers.

Oh well - I guess more "innovation" can't hurt.


It's something new at least. I wouldn't classify it as innovative because it is only slightly different than other mechanical keyboards but I guess it would be hard to tell unless you get your hands on one, right?


I just bought the Vengeance K70 Cherry MX Blue and love it but this keyboard looks amazing and wish I held off a little. I guess no matter what I buy something newer and better will come out and I will wish the same thing lol. Razer is doing some great things


I've never understood the hype around mechanical keyboards. My normal keyboards have always treated me well. Anyone have anything to add? I've never actually used one heavily.


Jaybk, I recently bought the 2013 blackwidow addition keyboard from razer upgrading from non mechanical switches and yes there's a difference. It sorta explained in the video that razer just released for their new switches. Just takes less effort to press keys 😛 and is able to function with multiple key strokes at once.


The best thing about it is that it has very quick response and there is nothing wrong with the keyboard.

It is pretty close to perfect.


I use a Maxkeyboard nighthawk XB with Blue LED's and Cherry MX Brown Switches. To me it is night and day compared to a standard keyboard. The Keyboard is also mechanically much stronger and has a great weight to it. I use it for typing and gaming pretty equally really but as far as it goes what this keyboard offers I do not see as a differentiator in any way as the response time on my keys is about a 3rd click really (probably a hair closer IE:5/8th's of 1/3rd) so 1/2 the throw would not be quite as responsive really it would seem. You get to where you can feel it after a bit. I can type relatively silently if I want with taps and it is faster typing with little force from my fingers.

I guess to understand it you kind of have to use it.