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Dell UltraSharp UP3214Q 4K Ultra HD Monitor ReviewIn case you didn't get the memo, the 4K Ultra HD revolution has begun. Services like YouTube and Netflix are already serving up 4K streams, while hardware makers like Dell are stepping to the plate with displays that can playback 4K video in all its native glory. The latter is what we have here for review -- a Dell UltraSharp UP3214Q monitor with a 31.5-inch IGZO panel.

With its 3840x2160 resolution, there's a massive number of pixels to play with on the UP3214Q, especially for multitasking chores, content creators who routinely work with large images or videos, and power users in general. Even gamers can get in on the action, though the refresh rate maxes out at 60Hz (via DisplayPort 1.2) and you'll need a burly setup to push gaming pixels around at 4K...

Dell UltraSharp UP3214Q 4K Ultra HD Monitor Review


auser nem pc kann nichts ulta hd(4K HD) darstellen '! vom TV mal ganz abgesehen.die bekommen ja nichtmal richtiges HD hin alles nur hochskalliert


Would love to use that for gaming, just wish the response time was a little lower. even though 8ms isn't bad. The 60Hz doesn't bother me. Doubt that I'd have system that would do 4K and push past 60fps either way but I bet it would look fantastic


Damn,all those 4k monitors are extremely high priced.


I'd rather buy 2 or 3 1440p monitors than a single display in this price range.


I Would Love To Swivel This Baby 😉 hehehe


Its sucks that we haven't hit affordable 4k monitors with decent FPS yet but I am definitely glad that we are starting to see a trend of 4k monitors coming to the consumer market now :-D


I want a 4k monitor so bad, but I also want to keep $3,500. I'll go with keeping the money. I'd much rather build a computer that has 2 gtx titans and some other nice hardware, instead of a pretty monitor.


I doubt the monitors will even be worth buying for at least 2-3 years anyway.


Lets wait for few years so the response time will drop to minimu, for gaming...


Great review Paul, Dell is the company brand that i trust for their Excellent Monitor and this UltraSharp UP3214Q 4K Ultra HD Monitor looks TOP NOTCH!


Fear not Ya say ya want cheaper's coming real soon.Besides this monitor Dell is going to be releasing 28inch and a 24 inch 4k monitors very,very soon.Believe it or not i think the 28 inch model runs cheaper than the 24inch.I believe the 28 inch spec wise is going to be geared more towards mainstream,consumer specs and the 24 inch is geared spec wise more for video and graphics pros.The 24inch is supposed to be around $1,400 bucks and the 28 inch?...right around a $1,000...should be pretty sweet..and the rest of the manufacturers will jump right in line shortly there after ,so keep your shirts on...


From what I can recall, having a 4K monitor negates the needs of having a multi-monitor set-up for gaming. Does that make sense to anyone in this forum?


Interesting information about Dell's IGZO panels on this product; can it be looked into if ASUS and other 4K monitor manufacturers are slowly having such panels on their monitors?

Is this like other 4K monitors where it uses MST to drive a single display? If so, is there a chance we'll see single stream monitor versions of a monitor like this from Dell and other Manufacturers?

Would be interesting to have an opportunity to see how well the Zeus Mini would handle such a screen doing low-end to mid-end intensive stuff with it on it... :)


The next step is going to put 4k mini monitors in something like the Oculus Rift, for super hi-def ultra-realistic 3D virtual nirvana. That's going to be spectacular.