Mike Coyne

I think about buy new Intel i7 4960X (3.60 GHz with 15 MB L3 caches and Turbo at 4 GHz based on 22nm processor) and Intel X79 Chipsets Motherboard. And Water-cooling system. too.  I am not sure about power supply unit. I was think about buy new PSU from 650 to 750 Watts with 80 PLUS way up to Platium.  I recenty play around on PSU Calatulor on web Sites. It said it need 555 watts and best at 605 watts for little extreme overclock. My guess it is best at 650 to 700 watts.I can try to find any online store if they have Thamltake Toughpower XT 675 watts PSU  ( i do have 675 watts in my PC). I really like this one because it had 3 led light to let you know it in great shape or bad shape. That way i can see it and will know it is in good shape or not.  Can someone will help me out?

I will use each one, HDD, DVD-RW drive, AMD Radeon 7000 series or newer  video card, motherboard, (WIFI card will removed from my PC into new build PC)  That is all.

I am going upgrade from my close 3 years old PC. It is still in great shape.  I will check on forum later and see if someone will ansewer my question. Thanks.

Mike Coyne

I know the parts t need to build. I dont need your help with the question.  Thanks .