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Sony is on fire with its PlayStation 4 console blazing a trail in the next generation console wars. Having racked up 5.3 million PS4 sales up through February 8, 2014, Sony already surpassed its goal of selling 5 million units by the end of March, and that was before launching in Japan. Having now unleashed the PS4 in Japan earlier this week, Sony can add another several hundred-thousand unit sales to its tally.

According to Famitsu, a Japanese language gaming magazine and website, Sony sold 322,083 PS4 consoles in Japan during its first two days of availability. To put that figure into perspective, it's nearly four times as many PlayStation 3 console sales during its launch in 2006.

PlayStation 4

The PS4 sells for 39,980 yen in Japan, and 43.980 yen with the Eye camera bundled in. Pricing might be a large reason why the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One, which has yet to launch in Japan (Microsoft hasn't announced a Japanese launch date yet). Here in the U.S., Microsoft has begun taking pre-orders for the Xbox One bundled with Titanfall for $500, which is the same price the console goes for without the game bundled in.

Interestingly, while the PS4 sales figures blow away what the PS3 did during launch, they're not that much higher than Nintendo's Wii U, which moved 308,570 units during its first two days of availability in Japan.

Would have been interesting to see sony/MS sales if both units had been available in the same number of regions.

I think the XBone is in 12, while the PS4 is in 30+.

I wish sony had made the PS4 more than just a games-only device, I wish MS had made the Kinect optional (though its great when utilized properly by a game). The PS4 eye thing just seems irrelevant.


Sony is really intelligent company im such a fan xD