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Intel Announces Ivytown Servers For The EnterpriseFor months, there have been rumors circulating of a new Intel 15-core CPU, with a particular focus on Big Data analytics, multi-socket systems, and the enterprise market. Well, this past January, we took a trip to Intel's SAP research lab to see the new processors and the rather substantial update coming down the pipe.

Unlike Intel's mainstream and basic server products, the truly Big Iron hardware updates on a significantly slower cadence. Haswell chips launched eight months ago for desktop and the Xeon E5 v2 family, based on Ivy Bridge, has been available for months -- but the Xeon E7 processors Intel is replacing today are still based on the old Westmere core, which first debuted in consumer products back in 2010...

Intel Announces Ivytown Servers For The Enterprise 

Mike Coyne

Very Impressive on performance by 15 core IBE EX server CPU. I know it is designed for high performance server. I cant wait for frist new 8 core based on Hawsell-E Extreme Edition upcoming review. It will be very interesting to read and want to know about that.


Huge performance gains in almost all aspects. I don't see though any mention about power, will these draw more, less or equal power?


These are huge improvements in performance. I'm wondering the same thing as BigKihd though. What is the power usage?