Hey all. I have been going through the pain stacking task of replacing all of my tubing and flushing my loops. This has become an all day task having 3 independent loops. I can't remember what additive I used with the distilled water but it's been awhile since I added anything or flushed the systems. Awhile being like 2 years. Needless to say the tubing and everything what pretty nasty. All the tubing had a whitish blue tint/film on it. I did use an additive plus blue UV dye last time.

I was wondering what you guys use in your loops and if there is anyway to avoid having to replace the tubing again in the future or is there no way around this? I am hoping there is a better additive out there that will keep this film from building up on the tubes.

I remember back on my first WC rig I used a Fluid XP coolant and that destroyed the tubing within a year. Your thoughts?

Der Meister

I cant remember ether, But I use the stuff in this kit.


Its been going strong for 3+ years now. 


Looks like that coolant is called HydrX Coolant. Looks like it's an anti corrosive and algae inhibitor. I thought you only need an anti corrosive if you mixed metals. A lot of what I have been reading is people recommending Silver in the loop to combat the algae and other crap from building up. Some even combine Silver with PT nuke. I may give that a try.

I finished flushing my system and running a pretreatment through it (Fluid Xp Pre-treatment non-acid cleaner) and got some weird results. 1 of the 3 loops has a cloudy look to it. I flushed all 3 loops with the same product and process and the other 2 came out crystal clear. I am wondering why this 1 loop is cloudy. Looks like I will have to re-flush this one and see if it goes away. The only thing I can think of is there was some residue left in the system from before it got flushed. This particular loop was far worse then the others. I think because I had ran out of tubing when I built it and picked up some cheap tubing from Lowes. Maybe the tubing started to break down and left something in the loop. This is the only loop that had the Lowes tubing in it. It's the only explanation I can come up with.

Der Meister

I had some copper and some aluminium stuff in my loop. It was more for the copper not corroding.