Wonder if Corning ever thought of doing a laminate glass (Gorilla Glass is one) with the top outer layer made of Sapphire.

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barsol; ummmm, what? If Gorilla Glass is $3 so like you said Sapphire would be $30, where are you getting an extra $80!?!?!? If an iPhone 6 will be $200 with gorilla glass, then it would be $227 with Sapphire Glass, that is only $27 more than the current screen, a price I would gladly play!!!!!!!!!!!

Also you and InfinityzeN1 should read the article again. HH states that there is a possibility that the entire screen is not made up sapphire but perhaps a top layer of sapphire and a bottom later of a more flexible glass, OR that the screen could be made up of several layers of sapphire also making it more flexible. In the end this all sounds like great news!!!!! The industry as a whole will move towards sapphire in the coming years so better remove the misinformation about sapphire out of your heads. 

I am a big watch guy and own more watches then I should. They all have either Sapphire crystal or Mineral glass. Guess what one is more durable? Not only does sapphire crystal scratch WAYYYYYYY less than the mineral glass, they have also never chipped!!! While all of my mineral crystal watches chip on the outside edges of the glass next to the bezel. When my mineral crystal watches start becoming too scratched or shipped I change it out to a sapphire crystal. Sapphire is considered brittle compared to some glass NOT because it more easily breaks! but because it does not flex as far as glass does before it breaks! Yet it takes a lot more force to flex sapphire enough to watch it turn brittle.