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As you might already know, OCZ Technology fell on tough times, filed for bankruptcy, and sold off virtually all of its assets to Toshiba. Following the acquisition, Toshiba launched OCZ Storage Solutions as a wholly owned subsidiary, a move that allows the hard workers at OCZ to continue pumping out solid state drives (SSDs) and other storage products without the worry of securing NAND flash memory chips in what's become a volatile market. What does all this mean in terms of warranty service?

That was the big question leading up to a revised warranty page on OCZ's website. Short and to the point, some existing products are covered and some are not. Good news for some, bad news for others.

"Please note, OCZ Storage Solutions - A Toshiba Group Company is not the same organization as OCZ Technology Group. Through bankruptcy proceedings, Toshiba Corporation has acquired substantially all the assets from OCZ Technology Group but most liabilities, including outstanding warranties, have been excluded from that acquisition," OCZ states on its warranty page. "As a result, OCZ Storage Solutions is only able to provide warranty support for certain products."

OCZ Vertex 460
Any OCZ product launched on or after January 22, 2014, qualifies for warranty support.

More specifically, OCZ now provides warranty support for SATA-based Vector, Vertex Series SSDs, RevoDrive, RevoDrive 3/3X2 PCIe SSDs, and any products launched by OCZ Storage Solutions on or after January 22, 2014. OCZ will also support Agility SSDs that are within a current warranty period until January 22, 2015.

OCZ Solid 3 SSD
Legacy and EOL products like the Solid 3 Series are no longer eligible for warranty service.

Legacy and end of life (EOL) products that have been discontinued over the past pear or prior do not qualify for warranty service. These include Core, Apex, Solid, Solid 2, Solid 3, Colossus, IBIS, Enyo, Nocti, Synapse, Octane S2, Octane S3, Onyx, Petrol, and RevoDrive Hybrid. In addition, all non-SSD products -- DRAM, power supplies, DIY notebooks, etc. -- aren't not covered.

If you do need support for a covered product, OCZ will, at its discretion, replace the defective unit with a new or refurbished product, or provide a refund at current market value.

thank you this was good to know