ok, ive read similar posts but i have a few questions. First of all, my mother board( a P4T33-c) ha[censored]ard Lan on it. Is this as good as having a network card on your system? Secondly, if i want to link 2 computers together, and one of them has cable modem(with a network card hooked up to it), how could i link the second computer to the first one if my ISP doesn't support multiple Ip's? I was thinking that a router might be the best solution, but what do i need to connect my computers to the router?

Im new to networking so help would be very much appreciated, thanks
You can set the ip address of the pc with the cable modem in as the default gateway of the other pc, then they should be able to use the same connection.

Or you might be able to use internet conenction sharing?
ICS is prob the cheapest solution if you have 3 nics total (2 since you have onboard on your board) total cost with cables == $20-30

but really now-a-days routers will run maybe 30$ AR and this will also setup a firewall for you...and as far as i know a 10/100 NIC onboard or pci they will do the same job

total cost for ICS with cables(rollover and straight) == $20-30
or make them your self and save 5-10$

Router = 30 + 12$ for cables = $42+
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welcOme franK,

ure choices;

either 3 network cards, two in ure gateway pc, one to talk to isp, and one for the inside LAN so u can talk to the other pc.

this is the cheapest way, as you dont neet a hub/router, just use a "crossover" lead to connect your pc's & use either ICS or some other 3rd party proxy(net sharing soft) on the gateway pc.

This is not the best way tho, as u have to have 2 pc's on all the time & its a bit buggy & wont acheive certain things.

going the router way is better as there are many benefits from it. no haxor can ping your pc's as it uses NAT(network address translation), so all they can see is the router. another benefit also is that you dont have to have both pc's on...theres a few more, go an read up here 

All you need then is a NIC(network card) in each pc & the standard cat5 cable to connect them to the router.

One downside of routers is that you will have to set up rules to use more advanced port mIRC/running an ftp server.

don't be afraid tho, jus buy 1 & ask us wen u need to know something.
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