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OCZ Vertex 460 240GB Solid State Drive ReviewWe had originally planned to start this review off with a brief discussion of OCZ’s potential fate and what the company’s recent bankruptcy and looming acquisition by Toshiba could mean for its future. But in the 11th hour yesterday, news came through that the acquisition was complete and OCZ would go on producing solid state storage products and that it was now a “wholly owned subsidiary and Toshiba Group Company”. We've even got a fresh new logo to show you.

Fittingly, the first product released after the announcement, and the drive we’ll be showing you here, features all home-grown OCZ tech and bleeding edge 19nm Toshiba-built MLC NAND flash memory. The just announced OCZ Vertex 460 series drives will be available soon in 120GB – 480GB flavors and we’ve got the full scoop for you all here...

OCZ Vertex 460 240GB Solid State Drive Review


crazy- I can buy a new ivy cpu and mobo for 359 dollars and do just fine with my spinners


Have you ever tried a system with an SSD EzHunt? For felt performance (rather than benchmark performance), a decent SSD will make a whole lot more difference than a new CPU/Mobo will.

Considering you can get a Samsung 840 EVO in 250GB for $174 and 500GB for $309 shipped from the Egg right now you could try one out yourself. Plus the spinners are still there for media, mass files, and backups.

Marco C

Yikes.  Spinners are for bulk storage now IMO.  An enthusiast PC without an SSD is like a Lambo with flat tires.


Spinners are reliable, but your system crawls along at a snail's pace without a decent SSD inside.


Yup my current system uses a 120Gb sata6 sata drive and 2 terabyte spinners one for media and one for programs while both keep a separate copy of an incremental image backup