AMD is better than intel for MANY reasons, for one im not paying twice as much for a measily 15% performance boost over the equvalent AMD part. and ive been using the same cooler since socket 754 and the same board for 4 years, i have a Phenom II X6 @ 4.2Ghz that plays BF4 as smoothly as ANY intel machine, i payed HALF of the price to build mine of what you could do with an intel machine, you CANNOT say the same for intel... apple/intel are perfect companions, overpriced, underperforming junk.

so "FANBOY" this...

Joel H


How fortunate that you aren't paying 2x as much for the same performance. When AMD raised Kaveri prices to $184, you're paying $184 for CPU performance that's absolutely beaten by a $130 Intel chip. In fact, the Intel chip closest to the A10-7800K on the CPU performance side costs $90 - $130 depending on whether you want single-threaded or multi-threaded perf.

On the GPU, of course, things are better, but don't kid yourself. Your Phenom II X6 at 4.2GHz offers better performance on the CPU than anything AMD ships today. And when did you buy it? Four years ago.

If you don't think that's a problem, you aren't paying attention.


Apple should have used there own [censored]then, The way I see it is Apple is responsible and not AMD as Apple was the one who made the final profit and put the processor in there units. AMD make a stable CPU/GPU i can remember using the very old durons and atherton (excuse the spelling it has been years) Cpu's without fail to the current r9's e.t.c. This could also be a design flaw from Apple it's self in the cooling aspects of the PC. WHO knows but if we all sue everyone for every thing that goes wrong then expect to be homeless in 30 years


This lawsuit seems pretty shady to me. Lawyers just trying to cash in on the class action biz. Heck, they don't even have enough plaintiffs, nor has a judge granted class action status to their suit.

As far as longevity goes, I have a Socket 939 Athlon 64 X2 that is still going strong. Every manufacturer has a few chips that don't pass muster including AMD, but I think if you look at the total number of these laptops shipped, it would represent a normal rate of failure.

Having said that, if this is true, then Apple should be stepping up to remedy the situation. After all it's not like AMD could send out a replacement video chip since most of the time they are soldered onto the motherboard. It would then be between AMD and Apple to sort out who would be liable to cover the cost.

(Full disclosure: I am now part of AMD's Advocate Program. I do not speak officially/ legally for them in any capacity, but I am in their corner.)


Spot on 🙂 I like AMD and Intel and Nvidia, I run 2 amd's and 1 intel in my personal colection with a mixture of Nvidia and AMD graphics cards and I feel this is a waste of time and money. I'd be in AMD's Corner Too if i had the choice