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HTC may have seen better days, but that doesn't mean the handset maker is ready to throw in the white towel. Quite the opposite, rumor has it there are plans to launch a second generation HTC One device in a couple of months. It will feature a larger display than the current HTC One's 4.7-inch panel and also sport an upgraded rear-facing camera.

Citing a "person with direct knowledge of the plans," Bloomberg reports the updated smartphone will have a twin-sensor rear camera. This would give the phone better focus when taking pictures, as well as improved depth of field and superior image quality. I happen to own the original HTC One and the quality of pictures from the rear-facing camera is a persistent complaint of mine, marring what's otherwise a very nice phone (see our review for a more detailed evaluation).

HTC is reportedly getting ready to relaunch the HTC One with a bigger display, better camera, and faster chipset.

As for the remaining hardware, most of the specs are still a mystery, though Bloomberg's source says it will use Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon system-on-chip (SoC). Also, you can expect the screen size to be at least 5 inches, though smaller than the HTC One Max, which wields a phablet-sized 5.9-inch display.

While the upcoming HTC One refresh may not make or break the company, it's still an important launch in the grand scheme of things. HTC once led the Android market and enjoyed record breaking quarters, but now faces stiff competition from Samsung, as well as Apple if talking about the smartphone market as a whole. According to recently data published by NPD Group, Apple and Samsung collectively account for 68 percent of all smartphones in the U.S.