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Big TVs are a staple of the annual Consumer Electronics Show and this year was no exception, with Samsung and LG announcing 105-inch curved-glass 4K Ultra HDTVs. LG gave us a tour of its displays, including the 105-inch behemoth, as well as 98-inch, 79-inch, and 65-inch curved panels.

The new LG 105-inch UHDTV, which is curved.

LG's 105-inch curved UHDTV is pretty impressive. Flank it with 65-inch curved TVs, and you get a real sense of the curvature.

We also had a chance to see the new flexible curved OLED TVs in action. Press a button on the TV’s remote control, and it quickly moves from the curved position (best for an audience directly in front of it) to a flat position that accommodates a more widespread audience.

Curved OLED HDTV. Flattened, flexibled LG OLED HDTV.

LG 79-inch flexible OLED HDTV, first curved, and then, just a few seconds later, perfectly flat. The TV is a little noisy as it straightens out, but the movement looks fluid.

Curved displays are already showing up in phones, some of which are headed to the U.S. early this year. LG showed us some phone-size curved OLED displays that made traditional, rigid smartphone displays seem clunky.

Curved smartphone displays.

That device in the center is the display used in the screen at right. LG representatives encouraged us to bend it to get a sense of its flexibility, but cautioned us against folding it. It's not an e-newspaper just yet.

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Anyone that buys this is a moron, 1080p would look so bad on that! There is not enough 4K content out there to warrant a purchase like this...yet.


I would like a curved display, especially since I have a corner desk. Although I'm not likely to buy one of these as the next "display" I'm likely to buy is an Oculus Rift.

I'll refrain from calling anyone names who might decide to purchase one of these though.


I'm with you, Johnny. It takes early adopters to get technology off the ground and accepted into the mainstream.


Curved displays are like home 3D. They are a solution looking for a problem.

They actually cause far more viewing problems then they solve, unless you are sitting directly inline with them and no further away then their width (actual). I don't know about you, but I sure don't sit within 5 feet of my 60" TV and since my living room is huge with TV on one wall and fireplace on the next side over, our seating is at an angle.


I remember similar comments being made when AMD first demoed a 64-bit processor.


The problem with this TV is 1080p is going to be TERRIBLE on it, I like the fact apple put a 64-Bit in the new iPhone!


Shawn, ever heard of upscaling on 4k tvs? How would 1080 look bad on a 4K when its 4x the resolution? The only thing that will really take a hit will be gaming. everything else you can run through a 4k media player and upscale it. so movies, and certain tv shows can get close to 4k quality.


1080 wont get worse because its on a 4k. thats impossible. it just wont be a native 4k. itll be closer to 2k (bluray players)