I'm thinking of putting together a secondary system which would be used mostly for home LAN gaming. I should be able to put together a pretty hot little beast for not much more than a grand. I only need the case and all that goes in it; I have spare speakers, monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc. This is what I have in mind. Tell me what you think, please. (Prices are current values from NewEgg.)

Mobo--ASUS A7N8X Deluxe $153
CPU--ATHLON XP 2600 (OEM) $289
Heatsink--Swiftech MCX462-U $45
RAM--2 X 256 MB Corair XMS PC3200 (C2) $206 (2 x $103)
Video Card--Sapphire ATI RADEON 9700 Atlantis PRO $310
Hard Drive--WD800JB 80GB 7200rpm Western Dig 8MB cache $112
CD-ROM--Lite On 52x $28
Case--Maxtop with side window and 350W PS $54
Accessories (cold cathode, LED fans)-- $58

Total = $1255

Whacha think? Thanks for the input.
Everything looks good but why such a large HDD. I thought it was just for LAN gaming. And why not get a Volcano 9 for $25 on newegg? It should work great for your purposes.
id go with the slk-800 with 92mm tornado fan for the cpu cooling.
Lovely--you're right. It is probably a bigger hard drive than I need. But with its 8mb cache it is also quite a bit faster than other drives with similar or lower capacity. That's part of the reason I like it. The other is that 40 GB 7200rpm 2MB cache drives from Maxtor, Seagate, or WD all go for around $80. I think doubling the capacity and a performance kick to boot is worth the extra $30.

As for the Volcano 9--that might work. I probably won't be OC'ing this thing too much. What I want is a quiet, efficient cooler. I thought Volcanos are loud, no? I don't know much about AMD coolers--if this one doesn't meet the above criteria (quiet, efficient), could you suggest one that does?

pct--I don't want the tornado--too loud. What I want is an efficient air-cooler mated to a quiet fan (see above). How does the slk-800 compare to the swiftech?

Thanks for the input. Keep it coming.
from what ive heard the thermalright slk-800 is amoung the best aircoolers, i havent heard anything about the swifttechs. dont quote me buy i belive me friends athlon is funnin at 38 celcius which is pretty darn good in my book, but he is using the tornado.
the slk-800 is really sweet...if you want it to be a little more quite, get a smart fan2....or something like it... you can mount any 60-92mm fan on it

and i would get a name brand PSU like TTGI, their 420watt should do the job for anything you'll ever need... i have the 520 www.directron.com 

and a thermaltake case already has 5 case fans in it... so i'd go for one of those for good case cooling...and they are sweet looking

the things i mentioned may cost a few extra bucks but i wouldn't go any other way
I actually have a spare Enermax PSU lying around--I'm gonna slap that baby in it.

I know everybody loves the thermaltake cases, but I'm not a big fan of them. All those ridges and crap are just ugly to me. I prefer a cleaner look. Just my opinion.

Actually, I'm kinda set on most of the things in this package. What I'd really like to hear about, and I should have said this from the get-go, is what do you guys think about the choice of processor & mobo?

This will be my first AMD system, and I don't know much about AMD stuff. I've read some recent reviews of the A7N8X & the reviewers are all drooling over it. Sounds good, no?

And what about the XP 2600+? I selected it because it has the 333 MHZ FSB, which should give it a healthy performance kick vs the 2400+, no? It is probably worth the extra $90, huh? But what about the 2700+ or 2800+? Worth the extra $$$? I wouldn't expect a noticable difference.

Thanks for the input.