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AMD CES 2014: Kaveri APU Is ImminentToday is a big day for AMD. If you follow the company at all, you're probably aware that there's a new APU from AMD waiting in the wings. Today, AMD is disclosing more information about Kaveri, the first APU to support heterogeneous computing. Kaveri also includes a new CPU core, codenamed Steamroller, and the largest GPU we've seen in an integrated processor to date. This chip is particularly important for AMD because its the first major architecture update for AMD's big core program since Bulldozer launched in 2011...

AMD CES 2014: Kaveri APU Is Imminent


AMD processors come great !!!

Super Dave

I'm enjoying the CES articles - keep them coming! Can't wait to hear what T-Mobile has to say there tomorrow. Hopefully they will deliver another crushing blow to AT&T and the other carriers!


Once AMD implements 3D like Nvidia then ill come back, Until then it is just sad to see great technology missing a valuable part in gaming and movies in today's time...

Using external non AMD ATI software is not the way to do it AMD and P.S the stuff you suggest to use is pure rubbish.


Thanks for this,'s interesting.

$173 isn't a bad price if the performance lives up to what AMD says it will.

Super Dave

I love AMD, but I've become a bit leery of their claims. Only a full bench test will tell.


Funny how AMD is comparing their chips to the i5 instead of the i7. Why not compare it to i3 or ARM processor. It'll make you look even better.