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Ok, my friend wishes to get a computer because his old one is horrible. I just want to know what would be the best Athalon setup for under $1000.

Here's what I would say.By the way does he need a monitor also? Most things coming from newegg of course:

Motherboard- Ecs K7S5A $55
CPU- AMD XP 1600+ $55
Ram- XMS Extreme Memory Speed Series 512MB PC3200 $185
Video Card- (depends on budget)
HDD- WD Special Edition 80Gb $112
CD-RW Lite On 48x $58
Case- Up to You (allow $200)
Misc- $50

Something definetly along the lines of that. Also will a keyboard, mouse, printer or anything along the lines of that included?
-Asus A7V33 120 (id stay away from ecs)
-athlon xp1700
with Thoroughbred core 65 retail package
-512MB corsair xms
pc3200 185
-ATi 9500 Pro 200
-sound blaster
live 5.1 35
-maxtor 60GB
7200rpm 90

on newegg this all comes to about 695 before shipping and handling. Gives you money left left for a nice case, 100 - 150 is reasonable for a nice case with a good power supply. This system would totally a$$ rape mine and the more i look at it with its sub-$700 price im starting to consider, LAN party anyone?
forgot about burner and floppy which would add about another 80 bones to the total, still way under 1000 though

Originally posted by pcthuglife
(id stay away from ecs)

Why? What is wrong with the K7S5A?
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thanks, still not sure if he needs a monitor though, probably cheaper to buy one local.
My system is still way better. Also why dont you state what he wants to use the system for and also if the monitor, keyboard and mouse is included in the $1000.

Originally posted by Dante
Why? What is wrong with the K7S5A?

Yeah, please explain your comment.
I had an ECS board once and it was terrible, no i dont know the model but I believe it had a intel chipset and I was runnin pc800 RAM. With a 128MB radeon 8500 i was scoring around 5000 on 3DMark (1.8GHz P4 512MB pc800), I put the same card on an actual intel board with a 1.9 P4 and 512MB pc800 and it scored 8900!!! the only difference was the board and 100MHz, needless to say i was pissed. Then when i wanted to flash the BIOS, it had to be done in real mode dos, im an xp user and yes i tried the dos boot disks, no luck, in bios it was stuck at agp 2x could not up it. To be honest the 3DMark score alone made me never to want another ECS board again, but the other hassels just added to my frustration. And richard when you said you thought your system was better, were you referring to the system you configured compared to the one I did???
gee i wish these ppl would say where they are from so we could advise them properly :rolleyes:

Originally posted by pcthuglife
I had an ECS board once and it was terrible

Hmmm, I don't know if I like your reasoning here. Basically you had one bad experience with a particular motherboard so nobody should ever trust ECS :rolleyes: . I think we can all agree that every hardware manufacturer has released some bad products at some point, but that doesn't mean you should never give them a second look. For example:

I used to HATE Thermaltake. I always thought most of their products were bull[censored](which they were). Most of the stuff never really worked the way it was supposed to and they always gave generous over-estimations as to the specs on everything. But they came out with some new stuff, and although I was skeptical of their products at first, I read some reviews and tried some of the products out. Now, I will stand behind the SmartFan II as being the best case fan on the market, the Thermaltake Xaser is an absolutely wonderful tower, and the Volcano 9 is a great heatsink/fan and it's the only one I'll use other than Thermalright.

Basically, the ECS K7S5A is a great motherboard. I'll agree that ECS has had some crap products in the past (I used to have an ECS board for my PIII that always have me problems). But I have personally used the K7S5A and I loved it. I think it's the best "value" board you can buy for an Athlon processor... and many people and websites will agree.
Ok, lets look at this in a differene perspective. Would you recommend an ECS board to anyone who wants the best system they can get for a certain budget? Or would you look to see if companies like Abit, Asus, Msi, or Epox had something better to offer? Why anyone would look to ECS as a first choice of motherboard (especially given a budget of $1000) is beyond me. And i will note that my girlfriend is currently running the ECS board with the P4 and 512 rambus and no she hasnt had any problems. But for enthusiasts (which i thought the majority of readers here were) ECS would probably be one of my last recommendations for a motherboard. If i wanted a cheap board, id buy one of gigabyte's lower end boards, which i have and with a 1.4 t-bird and 512 pc2100 ram, it blew my ECS system away.
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Since you're wondering where I come from, I live in Minnesota.
Also I really don't know if that price includes a monitor or not
Add it into your profile m8, that way we can see which web links to post for you.

Originally posted by pcthuglife
Or would you look to see if companies like Abit, Asus, Msi, or Epox had something better to offer? Why anyone would look to ECS as a first choice of motherboard (especially given a budget of $1000) is beyond me.

Yes, I have looked... and the thing is, those other companies really don't make something better (as far as price-to-performance). I had my Abit KX7-333R sitting, brand new, in a box for three months while I was using my K7S5A. Why? Because the board is good. I really didn't see a need to switch it out until I decided I wanted to do some heavy overclocking. And even with the overclocking aspect, I pushed my Athlon 1800 to 1.69 GHz with the ECS board.

The K7S5A is a very functional board and has all the features he's going to need. Just because your budget is $1,000 doesn't mean you should spend it all. Why buy an $80 board just because Abit makes it rather than a $50 board that will work just as well.

Here's my setup recommandation for under $1,000:
Cheiftec Dragon Tower (Silver) = $78
ECS K7S5A Motherboard = $56
AMD Athlon XP 1700+ (Thoroughbred Core) = $57
IBM Desksar, 80 Gigabyte, 7200 RPM Hard Drive = $104
LiteOn 48x24x48 CDRW = $58.99
LiteOn 16x DVD Player = $46
512mb Crucial PC2100 DDR-SDRAM (Cas2.5, but runs at Cas2) = $133
Enermax 350watt Powersupply = $47
Thermaltake Volcano 9 CPU Heatsink/Fan = $25
Hercules Fortisimmo III Sound Card = $42
ATi Radeon 9500 Video Card = $182

GRAND TOTAL = $828.99

There you go. A complete system for $830! Shipping will probably be like another $40 or so. You can pickup a MAG monitor at a local BestBuy for dirt cheap. I think this is a good balance of price-to-performance.