First off let me say hello to everyone as it's been a very long time since I have been active on the forums. Not sure how many old timers are still floating around. Things have been hectic for me but I got an itch to do another build so I'm back.

I recently got my hands on a Mid Atlantic 14U Data Cabinet and got this crazy idea to convert it into a computer case. I will be moving most of my parts from my existing case into this so at this point I'm not doing any hardware upgrades. I was thinking of using a rack mount equipment shelf to fashion into a mother board tray. I will need to make something to hold my 3 radiators (2x120mm and 3x120mm). I have seen some fan kits with AC fans. I could replace with DC fans or I could make my own rack mount panel to hold the fans and radiators.

I also will have to come up with a solution for mounting 3 reservoirs, 3 pumps, power supply, SDD's and DVD drives. At this point I am looking for some creative ideas.

Der Meister

What type of design are you going for stealthy or flashy?


Right now I'm going for functionality. The cabinet will give me lots of room for airflow and tube routing. I want to upgrade to 1/2 tubing. I will most likely mod the cabinet in the future but for right now I am going to leave it as is and mount everything using accessories for the cabinet on the rack rails.

Nice to see your still around Der Meister. How have you been?