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You're not bringing home one of Apple's newly released Mac Pro systems without spending a small fortune -- pricing starts at $2,999 for a quad-core model and $3,999 for a 6-core foundation, both of which are rocking dual graphics cards. There's some seriously powerful hardware inside these machines, but are they worth the asking price?

That's up to the buyer to decide, and to help answer that question, Macworld got its hands on an 8-core Intel Xeon E5 (3.0GHz) configuration and put the system through its paces. It also had 32GB of RAM, 512GB of flash storage, and dual AMD FirePro D700 graphics with 6GB of video memory per card.

Mac Pro

As you might expect, this thing made easy-work out of Macworld's gamut of benchmarks. Its Speedmark 9 score of 312 bested all other Apple systems that came before it, including the second-place finisher, a 27-inch iMac quad-core 3.5GHz  CTO configuration from late 2013 that scored 288.

"The 13 individual test results that make up Speedmark, show that the new Mac Pro really shined in processor-intensive tests like HandBrake encoding, the Cinebench CPU benchmark, MathematicaMark and Photoshop," Macworld noted.

Mac Pro Front and Back

Perhaps most impressive are the Final Cut Pro X benchmarks. The 8-core Mac Pro took just 15.8 seconds to import 60 seconds worth of 3840x2086 clips into a 4K project; it took 100.7 seconds for a 2012 model Mac Pro with a 6-core processor. Rendering and applying filters took the 8-core Mac Pro 39.1 seconds versus 154.4 seconds for year's Mac Pro.

We'll have our own in-depth review of Apple's new Mac Pro system soon, so if you haven't already, be sure to bookmark us and keep checking back!

so much for cooling and airflow


I suspect you can build an equal or better PC for half the price.


I guarantee it


Still looks like a trash can.


For performance gains like that to be seen in Final Cut Pro X, it's the GPU that's to thank, not the CPU. A current-gen 8-core Xeon is not going to be 600% faster than a last-gen 6-core.


This is why Apple is a sinking ship, I swear there design team must be smoking crack


A apple a day, will not make android go away!!!!!


I sometimes wonder if Cook got drunk and stumbled into the design team's office declaring the Mac Pro must be a cylinder...ruining a perfectly pragmatic concept of a computer with edges.

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You might suspect you could build a comparable PC for half the price... But you'd be wrong.

That PC build is really something to behold.


Let's all wait for the review, which I hope will have a great deal to say about ventilation and loudness, in addition to performance stats. I must confess that despite my hearty dislike for the firm, the specs for this monster make my mouth water - but specs are one thing, performance another !...



mhenriday wrote:

specs are one thing, performance another

I'm sure that it performs well. It probably cools itself well too.

If I had lots of cash, I'd buy it. My 24" iMac was excellent for working with my photography.



Really interested to see what this puppy can actually do...


Well, Neil, the model that HH is going to be testing seems to be absolute top of the line, and therewith a tad beyond my pay grade. Moreover, I'd be ashamed to use my old HP LP2465, which has served and continues to serve me very well, with this fruity monster ; anything less than a 27" 4K monitor would be an insult. So I'm just going to have drool from afar.... [;)]




All hail the pretty trashcan.. I bet there is a market in making some sort of shelf/rack/enclosure that can hold 3-4 of these on their side in a single 4U rack soon enough.