Hey guys i play this game on Steam so when i check The Ubisoft Game launcher i didn't see the games folder and i can't select the AC4BFSP. What do i do now?


@JoelHruska thanks that did smooth AMD out a bit. In the v-sync tweak to dynamic it is much smoother, ole Ubisoft sorta layed an egg with this one for PC users but your tweak advice does work; eh I 'spose these days most games are going to be ported console type, but hey the thing is,it is the number one seller; both have their strong points and weaknesses. You just can't beat a console for football and golf and stuff you can play with your family or buds, there's just a lot less to go wrong with 'em. PC purest including myself have to admit they have come a long way just as PC's have heck they are a PC 2 cents.


@Kevin --Go into Steam then SteamApps and look for the Common file then open that and find the game launcher where you have your games stored. It launches the game from there.


turn off in-game vsync and download d3doverider. that will apply vsync + triple buffering. no more dropping to 30fps.


The frame rates are really low.


I think you guys need a better PC



triple buffering worked for me fine, top specs ! [:P]


if u want to play on ps4 , then don't come here u [censored][censored]er


As always it is all about the build of your PC, the average computer is going to get wrecked by this game. However the other top 5% of machines out there we are drooling over this game and we are happy campers.

This game is similar to the release of the original Crysis it hammered every piece of hardware out there besides the top end users. Ubisoft has done the same thing this game is pushing the limits of next gen to the max.

Here is my gameplay so far I only do intro commentary. Running i7 3770k, 16gb ram, and gtx 980 on 1440p maxed settings between 40-60fps. I did have to change my codec after the first few videos to smooth it out and get a little better quality so watching Sequence 2 Memory 2 or 3 and after runs very smooth and great quality =)