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Hello. I build systems all the time for people however I'm not a

gamer. Wondering some advice on a custom build for gaming. He's into

borderlands, Call of duty, minecraft, farcry, more of the latest games.

Could someone suggest a motherboard, CPU and video card? Budget I'm

going to say is 1000 for the whole system (Maybe monitor included) but

that's flexible. I would prefer Intel. I am not a gamer, but I'm a

repair tech and maybe it' sjust me but I have always preferred Intel and

I find AMD systems are sluggish. They're okay for an average user.

However... you can include suggestions for an AMD based system if you

feel it's more bang for the buck. Am I right in saying Nvidia based

graphics are better? And if you suggest a video card, please specifiy if it's the 2GB or 4GB model you're talking about.