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The latest Battlefield 4 game trailer from EA is here, and this one is a single-player story trailer that gives you a taste of the sort of character arc you can expect from the game. The trailer starts out with the evacuation of American VIPs from Shangai and--wouldn’t you know it--things get a little crazy on the way out. (WARNING: Some NSFW language.)

We’ve been impressed so far with the videos we’ve seen of the game, and this one is no exception. It looks like there’s a good bit of drama and intriguing characters in the single-player story to go along with the killer gameplay and superb graphics.

Battlefield 4 single-player story trailer

Battlefield 4 single-player story trailer

In our own preview of the title, we found that BF4 is basically a more polished version of BF3 (in a good way), with brighter and clearer visuals, easier navigation, improved audio, and a number of small upgrades that add up to a better experience. And there’s of course EA’s levolution, which allows players to change the terrain by, essentially, blowing things up.

Battlefield 4 single-player story trailer

Battlefield 4 single-player story trailer

You can preorder BF4 now, and the game will be out for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on October 29th; for the PlayStation 4 on November 12th; and the Xbox One on November 19th.

A more polished version of BF3 it certainly is, but that does not make for a $60 new game.


and the single player campaign demo can be downloaded from....


while one would think it should be that way unfortunately its not. Its considered a "brand new game" and all new games cost that no matter what the title is.


i think they are referring to just trailers and news. There is not single player campaign demo. Everything they mention is from videos only


Might have to get this, I've skipped out on most of the BF/CoD games for awhile now as they're all pretty much the same. BF4 is looking very good though.