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Don't look now, but Asus and NVIDIA just tied another knot. The two have quite the storied history of working together, and today, they've announced that Asus will be adopting NVIDIA's G-SYNC technology. It'll be primary used in Asus' next-gen monitor lineup, and if you aren't familiar with G-SYNC, take a listen. It's intended to synchronize the monitor's refresh rate to the GPU's render rate, enabling images to be displayed the moment that they are rendered. The end result? Smoother gameplay, sharper images, and the elimination of onscreen tearing, stuttering, and latency.

 Here's the pitch: "G-SYNC technology includes an NVIDIA G-SYNC module that requires integration into monitors, as well as hardware and software incorporated into its Kepler-based GPUs. It removes the need to use older technologies such as V-Sync, which can eliminate tearing but can increase latency and stuttering during gameplay. G-SYNC eliminates this trade-off leading to an uncompromised PC gaming experience." Sounds enticing, no?

As it turns out, NVIDIA and Asus have been working on this partnership for around a year, and it's hoping to deliver monitors to market in early 2014. Asus also plans to release a G-SYNC-enhanced VG248QE gaming monitor in the first half of 2014 with pricing set at $399 in North America.

Saw 4 brands listed, seems like it's an additional 100-129$ for models with it.


Pretty cool technology.

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Sounds good but let's wait for some HH testing.. This might be one of those things that sound good on paper but offers no noticeable difference in the real world tests. For that much of a price premium you could a higher end graphics card.


100usd is the difference between a mid range vid card and a high end one.. i would really prefer to invest that money in gpu and not in a proprietary - nonstandard solution to fix micro stuttering that could be abandoned from day to night.


You can get a 2560 X 1440 27" monitor from monoprice for $389. If i was to get a new monitor and spend $400, that'd be it.


^ just bought me one. love it!


Glad there's innovation in more than just how many pixels you can s[censored]ze in. We shall see if, as swvgs mentioned, this is worth the premium in the real world.


I am very interested to see how this actually works, if it really does what it claims to do (which would be fantastic). A HUGE thing for me is the jumping of edges on the screen as I turn, screen tearing etc. I feel like first person shooters are 5x more enjoyable with a truly fluid picture :)