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Falcon Northwest is a big name in a very niche market of luxury PCs. The company is known for special touches like custom cases (think FragBox) and mind-blowing, artist-rendered panel images. The company has also built the rest of its reputation on blazing PC performance. Falcon Northwest recently shipped its Tiki to take on the other small form factor rigs we’ve tested of late.

The Tiki is small enough and light enough that it could be your next LAN-party rig, but it’s really meant for your desk. And although it’s much, much smaller than your old full- or mid-tower system, it’s going to draw a lot more attention, by virtue of its statuesque design. The Tiki has a clean, dark chassis with hard lines and a laser-cut, backlit logo that shines bright even when the room’s lights are on. But the most striking aspect of the system’s exterior is the granite base. The Tiki certainly makes a statement.


I am blown away by how small this is, but I'm really anxious to see the Steam Machine prototypes: they're supposed to be 12 x 12 x 2.9-inches, and some will have Titans!


Mini itx just keeps getting better and better.


No doubt, this is a potent little brick of a machine!


One day I'll be able to afford this company's products. One day...


Andrew, but they will also be louder, hotter, and offer far less disk space (only a single 2.5" drive, maybe enough room for a second). If Falcon wanted 3" width and 0.25cubic feet , they could easily do it with the same components... as long as they get rid of water cooling two disks, and noise suppression.


If I had the cash to buy this, I would probably rather build my own box.

This really is an impressive PC.


I don't get the benchmark settings. Forgive me if this is something others have said but with a Titan build or even something substantially less, who would be gaming at 1080p or less. If they are they missed the boat. If you can spend that kind of money you would/should spend money on higher res monitors or multi monitors. Doesn't make sense at this point. I guess include 1080 but that's the bottom.


I would of loved to buy one of these even though it is around 400 bucs more expensive then buying from xotic or avadirect etc. The reason I did not is Falcon Northwest could make this better. First off they should of made the power supply custom. Instead they use the silverstone standard power supply with the cables being standard. This creates allot of excess cabiling and clutter. Also maintenance in this is crazy. How are you going to access the Gpu for maintenance, cleaning out dust etc? Lastly I dont want the extra cables and clutter of a Dvd drive, who really needs this? I think the new Digital Storm Bolt 2 is better thought out and arguably better looking, I would of bought that hands down but they also went with the ugly plastic dvd right in the front which is even worse then Tiki which at least is out of sight on the top. So I went with an avadirect system for 400 dollars cheaper using a fractal node case. No ugly unecessary optical drive to worry about, I went with the short cable kit from silverstone so it will be much cleaner then either the tiki or storm and won't need water cooling as does the Tiki. I will keep my eye on Digital Storm and Falcon for their redesigns. Digital Storm, man you would of been perfect without the fail optical drive there in front. You are charging a premium for something that looks good! I also may add that if you want a small tower like those, silverstones new raven and their upcoming better looking sff tower that is not plastic could be the answer for you if you dont want to pay a premium for non perfect Falcon or storm mini towers. I will gladly give my money to falcon or digital storm in the future if they ditch the optical drives, at least make that an option for your buyers, how hard is that? Fractal has figured it out and lian li etc