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When it comes to picking out a storage scheme, businesses face the same dilemma as home users. The decision at hand is whether to spend a premium on high performance solid state storage, or stretch those dollars on higher capacity and slower performing mechanical hard drives. It's not unusual for a home user to opt for both by configuring a solid state drive (SSD) to run the operating system and beefier hard drive for storing files. Fusion-io offers a similar solution for enterprise users, only far more advanced.

It's called ioControl, an intelligent hybrid storage solution that allows IT professionals to use both kinds of storage mediums with software optimized to maximize efficiency according to application requirements. Using ioControl, IT professionals can provision, prioritize, and control their shared storage resources.


"Small to medium enterprises around the globe are faced with the challenge of improving business responsiveness in tandem with the realities of fiscal responsibility and resource limitations," said John Spiers, Fusion ioControl General Manager. "Fusion ioControl is architected to provide the best of both worlds, delivering performance that enables SME IT teams to meet expectations for faster systems without breaking budgets. We’re excited to team up with our European channel partners to bring Fusion ioControl hybrid storage solutions to Europe to help SMEs compete with the leading flash memory resources that companies around the world are using to stay ahead of the competition."

ioControl Software

Fusion-io also announced its ioControl Server Performance Extension (SPX), a new suite of ioControl hybrid storage solutions designed to amplify Fusion ioMemory server flash performance with intelligent server caching, and rolled out an update to its ioControl software (now in version 3.0).

Using the three in tandem, businesses have access to Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities with application-level intelligence that ensures active data is always given performance priority.