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According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has an impressive track record with his reports, Apple is going to be unveiling a couple of interesting products in mid-2014 - one MacBook and one iPad.

On the MacBook front, a new 12" model will enter the lineup (it's not clear if this will replace the 11" MacBook Air or not) which will feature a clamshell form-factor that is said to be thinner than the current MacBook Air. In addition, thanks to improved yield rates on the retina displays, this MacBook Air may debut for a lower-than-expected price.

Kuo notes that this 12' model will be portable like the 11" Air but offer the productivity of the 13". While it's been heavily rumored for some time that Apple is working to put one of its A chips into one of its MacBooks, this upcoming model will definitely be featuring Intel inside.

In addition to this new MacBook, Apple will also unveil its sixth-generation iPad, which Kuo says will have 40% more pixels than the current-gen iPad. Given the fact that the latest iPad features a resolution of 2048×1536, a boost of 40% - again, on a 10-inch display - is pretty wild.

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I'm a little confused by this news. Would the 12" MacBook be just a macbook as in non-pro? If it will be thinner than current Air's why wouldn't they just call it the new air? If it comes in 12" and is thinner than the current Air wouldn't they just phase out 11" and 13" screens? Afterall 12" ans 13" are still very close. At that point wouldn't the also maybe phase out the Air completely, having 2 models the "new" 12" MacBook super thin and 15" pro? At that point they would need a 3rd option like 11" or bring back the 17". What would be the difference between the 12" MacBook and 13" Air if the Air wouldn't even be slimmer and lighter at that point.

I'm thinking maybe it's a redesigned air and maybe the 11" will be phased out. I hope the latter isn't true, I just received my custom MacBook Air 13", I narrowly went with the 11" for portability and only opted for the 13" because of work. I'm impressed with the system and suprised the same hardware could has been crammed in an 11" air minus an sd card slot and USB port of course.'