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Nobody panic, T-Mobile hasn't said it's planning to yank its unlimited data plan. At the same time, don't get too comfortable thinking that the nation's 4th largest carrier never would make such a move. Mike Sievert, T-Mobile's Chief Marketing Officer, had some interesting things to say about unlimited data, which the company views as a "part of a larger value proposition."

Sievert says that even though T-Mobile offers unlimited data, it's not the reason the company exists. The wireless carrier is much more focused on pitching itself as the "Uncarrier," and whether or not unlimited data always fits that persona, so be it.

T-Mobile Building

"A competitor bet the farm on unlimited, and that's all it is," Sievert said during an investor conference, according to CNET. "We're not the unlimited carrier. That's a bad place to be."

In other words, if T-Mobile decides that offering unlimited data is no longer financially feasible, it's free to go in a different direction, unlike Sprint which is currently guaranteeing its unlimited plans for life. It's a sobering statement from T-Mobile, especially as Sievert goes on to explain that down the line there will be additional opportunities to cash in on the need for more data.

Sievert's comments come a day after Verizon Chief Lowell McAdam spoke out against offering an unlimited data plan, adding that his company has never and will never lead on price.

They will crash and burn without something like unlimited data to differentiate themselves from the other carriers. The open phone plans are not enough.

Pancake Effect

Why can't Sprint have more service areas! I really wish I could show my support to them by buying into their service.