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Hey guys,
First off I am glad that i found this site cuz it has great reviews of things i am interseted in. Your posts have helped w/some of my decisions thx.

Anyway i have been thinking about replacing my current dell (xps 450, P3 450 mhz,526mb ram, pny geforce 2, cdr cdrw) w/ a new system. I have always enjoyed tinkering w/stuff and electronics in general. i have done all my system upgrades in the past: hd installs,ram upgrades, cdrw installs and even processor upgrades. (Does anyone remeber when a 486 sx 20mhz was considered good and a 486 100mhz dx was an exciting upgrade ? all those hours playing F15E strike eagle and Mechwarrior 2..ahh,
but i digress.

When i started considering building my own system i planned on using an intel mb...3 yr warranty, major established company, hek they make the proccesor i am going to use. but after looking over their product line... and FIGHTING my way around their website, unsuccesfully i might add i decided that intel is out. i then checked out asus. their site rocks, easy to browse and their pdf files that have everything right their are great. i was really leaning towards the p4t533 (specs here: )
but i dont like the fact that you have to use 232 pin rimms.
after some looking around and reading here i picked gigabyte for a mb: GA-8IHXP

I am now seriously considering the following setup (links to prices attached):
Case: Ahanix DBox $95.00 

MB: GA-8IHXP $165.00 from googlegear 

DVD rom: sony DDU1621 $45.00 from googlegear 

DVDrw: NEC Multispin ND-1100A due for rls late nov/dec

Power Supply:Enermax EG465P-VE(FMA) $90.00 MWave 

Video Card: ATI Radeon 9700 Pro $330.00 MWave 

Ram: Samsung MR18R162GDF0 512mb PC1066 ECC x 2 339.00 ea from 

Hard Drives: Maxtor Diamond max9 80mb 7200 rpm 8mb cache ATA 133 part numer 6Y080P0 (raid 0 array) 139.98 x2 (raid 0 array) from staples of all places (i dare you to find this drive) 

Sound: HerculesFortissimo III 7.1 $42.00 from new egg 

Floppy: Teac 1.44 15.90 from MWave 

CPU: P4 2.4 533 fsb BX80532PE2400D $192.00 Googlegear 

Thats it. drives to be setup in raid 0 array. what do you guys think? what would you do for your ultimate system and ....

How Much is Too Much

Your setup looks good but why a floppy drive? And does the DVD-RW also do CDs? Did you have a particular set of speakers in mind? For mid-high range speakers I would highly recommend the Altec Lansing ATP4. Or, if you want high range, I recommend you check out Logitech Z560 or the Altec Lansing 641.
Man, there is NO too much when it comes to computers... Whatever you get it will be outdated within 2 years anyway.
more like 3 months :rolleyes: And get better than RAID 0, all that does is disk striping, it will make your access quicker, but if one hd dies, you'll be screwed.
But in 3 months your CPU and Graphics card will still run the better games... In 2 years, there is not a hope in the world!
My Radeon 7200 still run BF1942... if I can even say run :rolleyes: more of walk BF1942...
Hey Hey! My 32Mb TNT2 ran RTCW!!! that was with my Duron 700 with 64mb or 128mb ram i think. I ran it in 16-bit colour and it ran pretty smoothly Damn good for a TNT2 but now i got a gf4 mx440 It will run anything Just gotta kinow how to tweak em.
Yeah I hink a Geforce 4 MX 440 will be the way to go... Radeon 8500LE are too hard to find, Radeon 9000 are apparently crap and I can't find a Radeon 9500pro... Plus, paying $700 for a Video card NO matter how good is stupid. Unless you have the momney to waste ofcourse
hmmmmmmm i've read the reviews on the radeon 9700 pro. It's whips the pants off a ti4600 and it's 8x compatible, so it's gotta be good and it'll last a fairly long time i think. But of course i aint got that money to spend. Have to wait till i get a permanent job first.
agreed. But once i get a permanent job, i'm gonna build a superbox. Prolly come to like $3500. Then i won't have to upgrade for a year or so. I'll get a radeon 9700 and the new Hammer chip from AMD
$3500 is alot of money... I have a permanent job and afyter bills and food and other shi7 you a $0 left for computer parts!...

I think soon I will buy a new mobo and processor, I have a 1.4 gig which is great, but it could be faster!
easy: i still live @ home. Still get hand-outs from the parents and eat all their food. Works great Or if i do move out, i'll prolly live with one of my mates. I got it all sorted
i still live at home... But I hate asking for money.. Plus most of it goes to fuel!!!
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