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In the hardware world, even the best-selling devices eventually reach EOL (end-of-life) status. And, as fate would have it, it seems that the software world follows suit. But every now and again, a product is killed that leaves us scratching our heads. While Windows Phone 8 is clearly the premier mobile product for Microsoft, it sure doesn't feel as if Windows Phone 7 is that old. Plus, Microsoft owes what little success it has seen in the mobile realm to the early adopters who took a chance with WP7. Nevertheless, the company is axing support of its flagship VoIP app, Skype, on Windows Phone 7.

Here's the quote from Microsoft: "As we look ahead to the future, we are focusing all our efforts to bring great experiences and improved performance to Windows Phone 8, building on the capabilities of the platform. As a result we are not planning to release further updates to Skype for Windows Phone 7. However the Windows Phone 7 app will remain available to download in the Windows Phone Store, so users can still keep using the core Skype experiences, such as Chat, Voice and Video Calls."

On one hand, that's brutal for WP7 users. On the other, software is moving at a breakneck pae these days, and it's on Microsoft to keep up with its fast-moving rivals. There's a part of us that truly understands the move; you have to look ahead and let go of the past if you ever want to truly innovate.

Let me guess, so they can force users to use their proprietary built in software instead?


but they own skype...


Right, i meant whatever software they have built in to the windows phones.


Nope, Skype is their main such app and it has replaced many of their older similar services... They're just phasing out support for the no longer really supported WP7 devices... Remember, the WP7 devices could not be upgraded to WP8, reasons ranging from different hardware to how different the WP8 is from WP7 with different NT Kernel, etc.

So rather than continue to maintain multiple versions of their app, they're stopping it at the last version released and only continuing with the newer versions for the newer devices and OS versions.

Joel H

As long as they don't remove the WP7 app, I dont' see this as a major problem. It's one thing to stop building features, something else entirely to remove functional software.


And meanwhile with android even devices thats 5 years old is still supported, doesn't send a very positive message about WP.


lipe123 wrote:

And meanwhile with android even devices thats 5 years old is still supported, doesn't send a very positive message about WP.

have you tried to install any recent software on a Google G1 or a Nexus One recently? For the G1 the Play Store can't be installed due to lack of memory. For the N1 you end up getting updates for software that were written for jelly bean and if you upgrade the app at some point will fail to launch for the same reason so you have to go back to a previous version of the app (hope you backed up the APK's as you upgraded each version? google really only supports devices running ICS & Jelly Bean now.